Serious fire accident at Grosjean: Halo cockpit protection as a lifesaver


( – “It looks very much like Halo may have saved Romain’s life.” This is how the former Formula 1 world champion Damon Hill put it on ‘Sky’. And by that he means: The cockpit protection has fulfilled its function after Haas driver Romain Grosjean crashed through the guardrails in a serious accident on the starting lap of the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix in Sachir. 53 g are said to have worked on impact.

The moment of rescue: Romain Grosjean (left in the picture) is out of the accident car Zoom

Grosjean survived this crash with minor injuries. His team reports: “He suffered minor burns on his hands and ankles, otherwise he is fine.” With the suspicion of a broken rib, Grosjean was flown to the hospital by helicopter.

“Luck in misfortune, you have to say,” said Haas team boss Günther Steiner at ‘Sky’. He, too, believes the Halo cockpit protection saved Grosjean from worse.

The accident car was torn in two

O-Ton: “It certainly helped, it certainly didn’t hurt. Whether it saved his life, that can never be said. We can no longer do without the halos, they are there to stay here. You can’t do enough do for safety. You need a bit of luck, but you saw that it helped. “

Photo gallery: Romain Grosjean’s fire accident in Bahrain 2020

Grosjean’s vehicle had been torn in two when it hit the guardrails. The stern stopped in front of the barrier, but the monocoque with Grosjean broke through the barrier and landed on the other side. From there, Grosjean got out of the wreck with the help of medical car driver Alan van der Merwe.

Traces on the halo of the car involved in the accident document the force of the crash: the cockpit protection itself was damaged, but withstood the load and protected the driver in the car.

Wurz: Safety measures as a lifesaver

Former Formula 1 driver Alexander Wurz, an early proponent of Halo, is relieved in the ‘ORF’: That a driver gets out of the car in such an accident. Incredible. And you have to say that all the safety precautions that such a monocoque goes through, from the front impact protection, including the halo – everything saved lives here. “

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean rises from the flames, first aiders support him Zoom

But why did it burn? Wurz explains it like this: “The reason the fire is there is because, of course, all the gasoline lines between the monocque in the front and the car in the back are also tearing open.”

“I think the tank itself is still in order because there are 100 kilograms in it. That was probably just the leftovers. That is my first assumption.”

First aiders also risk a lot

According to initial information, Grosjean spent 26 minutes in the flames and probably suffered “only” burns on his hands, he no longer had his left shoe on his foot.

“You can see with the helmet that it has melted,” says Wurz. “The equipment is made to be on fire for over a minute.”

And the former Formula 1 driver emphasizes: Even the first aiders would have risked a lot under these circumstances. “The racing doctor himself helped with an open helmet. It was not without it for him either,” says Wurz.

In any case, the accident should serve as a lesson, he explains. “It has to be analyzed which safety precautions have done their job and how, how has it been affected. You look at everything very carefully.”

In the meantime the race has restarted. (Get current information in the paddock live ticker!)

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