Several councilors in quarantine – Bernese councilor infected with coronavirus


Not all members of the Grand Council showed up for the session on Monday. SP Grand Councilor Karin Fisli has received a positive corona test, and others are in quarantine.

The Bernese Grand Council in the Bern Festival Hall on a recording from June this year.

Photo: Alessandro della Valle (Keystone)

The Bernese Grand Council started the second week of its winter session with fewer staff due to corona. As Grand Council President Stefan Costa announced on Monday afternoon, one member has tested positive and several council members are in quarantine.

The sick person is SP Councilor Karin Fisli (SP). Five other councilors are in quarantine. Costa also called on the council members at the conference venue, the festival hall on the Bern Expo site, to consistently wear masks when talking to one another.

The Office of the Grand Council has repeatedly found that often only the person who goes to a seated council member wears a face mask. The new rule is that colleagues who are seated also have to wear masks during such conversations. The office decided that.

The President of the Grand Council also called on the members of the Grand Council to exercise caution at lunch. The Bernese Grand Council has 160 members. In the first vote immediately after the greeting, 141 council members voted.

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