Several damages found: Ford drives in a serpentine line over A4 and brakes for no reason


A Ford driver kept the police in suspense on Tuesday. He was driving in an unsafe manner and in serpentine lines on the A4.

Chemnitz – Witnesses alerted the police on Tuesday because a Ford driver was in the late afternoon with no lights and very unsafe Chemnitz was on the way and then on the A4 drove.

The police wanted to guide the Ford driver from the A4, but the 79-year-old resisted. (Symbolic picture) © DPA / Frederik von Erichsen

As the police announced on Wednesday, the Ford C-Max was on the road around 4.45 p.m. in the Chemnitztalstrasse / Glösaer Strasse area. The vehicle was noticed by the witnesses because the driving style seemed unsafe, no lights switched on and a vehicle window was open. The witnesses followed the car, which continued at the Chemnitz-Glösa junction on the A4 in the direction of Dresden.

“The Ford drove in serpentine lines, very slowly and braked for no apparent reason,” said a spokeswoman for the Chemnitz police.

At the Hainichen junction, the police wanted to guide the vehicle from the autobahn, but the driver resisted the police officers’ signs. He continued to drive hazardous traffic on the A4 in the direction of Dresden. But the driver didn’t get very far.

“A good one and a half kilometers before the Berbersdorf junction, the car could then be stopped by the police,” said the police.

Due to his general condition, the 79-year-old Ford driver was taken to a specialist hospital. The officers secured the pensioner’s license and issued a complaint about endangering road traffic.

In addition, the police found several damage to the Ford, including a front damage and damage to the entire right side of the vehicle. This suggests that the German was involved in one or more accidents.

The police are now looking for more witnesses who saw the gray Ford on Tuesday in Chemnitz. Who was possibly hindered or endangered by the driving style or who observed an accident involving the vehicle? The Chemnitz autobahn police take information by telephone 0371/87400 opposite.

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