Small cats abandoned on the 1st of Advent


BerlinA Berliner made a sad discovery on Sunday morning while walking the dog for a walk. She found three cats locked in a box. One of the kittens was still a baby. The police confirmed this on Sunday.

The 30 cubic centimeter cardboard box was in the Arkenberge parking lot. The dropouts left the animals only two or three holes in the box to breathe – otherwise it was taped up. So the cats had hardly any space and no way to escape.

Finder asks the police for help

The finder called the police. After almost half an hour, the officers arrived and received the cats. The rescuer wrote on Facebook: “I don’t understand who can do something like this. This time the suspension had a happy ending and that for the first time in Advent. “

Many users respond gratefully and condemn the act. One user writes that the suspension is incomprehensible to her. And further: “Abandoning is disgusting, but not even giving the animals the chance to save themselves and letting them perish in such agonizing ways is just abnormal.”

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