Snow on Tuesday: Short onset of winter expected in Bavaria


It starts on Tuesday night, says BR meteorologist Michael Sachweh. A low ridge pulls in from the west and brings snow. Mostly to Baden-W├╝rttemberg, some snow but also to Bavaria, especially to western Swabia and Lower Franconia. It can be six to ten centimeters, according to the BR meteorologist.

“Non-fish-not-meat weather”

It should also snow during the day on Tuesday, during the night the snowfall subsides, and on Wednesday “the spook is over”, according to the BR meteorologist. Then, according to Sachweh, there is a “no-fish-no-meat weather”: It is very cloudy, plus the high fog. At the end of the week, however, the weather should improve again and the sun can show itself again.

Dress warmly for the Sunday walk

Another high pressure situation determines our weather: with sun, fog and high fog. Today, Sunday, the thermometer shows about zero degrees. But because there is an easterly wind, the perceived temperature can be considerably lower, namely between minus four and even minus seven degrees. That means you should dress warmly for a Sunday walk.

Handle forecasts “with kid gloves”

According to the meteorologist Sachweh, the predictions regarding the onset of winter are not yet entirely certain. It is unclear how far the low ridge that comes from the west penetrates to the east. “You should still handle the forecasts with kid gloves,” says Michael Sachweh.

Winter onset very late

Either way, this year’s first onset of winter is late. In the long-term average, the second week of November is the usual time for the first winter break, says the BR meteorologist. It is quite typical for climate change that this happens a few weeks late this year.

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