Star Wars fans shocked: That’s how bad the real name of Baby Yoda is!



Star Wars fans shocked: That’s how bad the real name of Baby Yoda is!

From Max Patzig

Burbank (USA) – He’s the star of the series “Star Wars: The Mandalorian“And the reason why millions of people are currently following the sci-fi story: Baby Yoda! In the current episode his real name was mentioned for the first time. The fans don’t like it at all!

The 50-year-old baby Yoda learns his real name in Chapter 13. © PR / Disney / Lucasfilm LTD

There are many adventures in the search for little Yoda’s home. Every week fans of the series can tune in to Disney + and follow the actors.

The latest development caused a little shit storm. This is because of Baby Yoda’s real name!

On Friday, Chapter 13 was released, the fifth episode of the second season, in which Jedi Ahsoka Tano remembered the story of the Star Wars star and explained that his name is Grogu.

“Grogu and I can sense each other’s thoughts,” said Ahsoka Tano. And it was revealed how memory loss occurred in the first place.

“He grew up in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, many masters have trained him over the years. At the end of the Clone Wars, when the Empire came to power, he was hidden. Someone took him from the temple,” explained Tano.

“Then his memory … darkens. It seemed lost. Alone.”

The scene where “Baby Yoda” became Grogu

“Star Wars: The Mandalorian”: fans are horrified!

The reactions to Baby Yoda's real name are clear.

The reactions to Baby Yoda’s real name are clear. © PR / Disney / Lucasfilm LTD

The fans are now excited because they finally know some correct information from the past of the now 50-year-old Baby Yoda. But they can’t make friends with the real name.

“His name is Baby Yoda. Idgaf (short for: I don’t give af * ck; German analogous: I don’t care at all)what they said, “wrote one viewer on Twitter, for example. Another follower of the series also clearly agreed:” It will always be Baby Yoda for me. ”

Some Star Wars fans are even completely resigned: “I refuse to recognize the name Grogu. I keep calling him Bartles and the shiny guy James. I don’t care what anyone says.”

One user noticed the similarity on Twitter Baby Yodas Name to “Gogurt”, a yogurt for children. A sponsorship should not be behind it.

But the season is far from over. The fans of the successful format will certainly hear the name much more often and will therefore have to get used to it.

Who knows what else will be revealed about his past …

Title photo: PR / Disney / Lucasfilm LTD

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