Stefanie and Yvonne despair of their team


In the Sing-Offs it’s down to the nitty-gritty, the competitive pressure is great: Only two talents get a coveted ticket to the semifinals of “The Voice of Germany” 2020. So it’s no wonder that everyone is doing their best. But some suffer enormously: The coaches who have to decide who will sing in the live shows – and who will not.

Lots of strong talents

Yvonne Catterfeld and Stefanie KloƟ have already occupied their two hot seats when Dimi Rompos steps on stage and gives everything. “What do you do there? I have no idea,” says Michael Schulte backstage, who watches every performance with eagle eyes, after all, he still has a place in his team to assign.

Impossible decision

The coaches in the studio are also flabbergasted. “We are now arriving where there are almost impossible decisions, now”, Rea Garvey ponders aloud and looks at his fellow coaches. He probably doesn’t want to be in her shoes right now.

Mark Forster: “A brutally strong team”

Mark Forster also pulls his hat – or his cap – at least with words. “It’s a brutally strong team, ey,” he analyzes the competition. “I have no idea how you guys are going to do this, you two.” Stefanie and Yvonne look at each other helplessly. How are you supposed to make a decision? After a short discussion, they decide: Dimi gets a place on the hot seats.

Im Clip: Dimi Rompos singt “No Diggity”

Who will cry first

But the next talent is already waiting for a decision after his appearance: Alessandro Pola. The coaches are also amazed at the high level in the team of the two women. Rea already suspects an outbreak of emotions with so many tough decisions: “Let’s make a little bet now. Who will cry first? Stef or Yvonne?” His tip: Stef.

But for now she can control herself, even if she and her partner have to let go of one of her talents. Alessandro Pola gets a hot seat. Dimi is out.

A series of emotional moments

But that wasn’t the last decision that evening. Each choice demands a lot from both of them. They often have to fight back tears. But in the end only two talents can sit on the hot seats and that is in Team Yvonne and Stefanie Noah Sam Honegger and Juan Geck.

You can see how the two of them fare in the semifinals from Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1 and on Joyn.

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