Steffen Henssler jokes: Amira is just as assi as Oli!


Steffen Henssler (48) apparently has his own picture of the Pocher family! In today’s episode of Grill den Henssler, the TV chef took on the challenge of proving his skills at the stove again. In the main course, the gourmet competed against Oliver Pocher (42) and his wife Amira (28). But how does the native of the Black Forest rate his competition at all? From Oli’s wife Amira Steffen at least a very definite impression!

As usual, presenter Laura Wontorra (31) was able to elicit a few details from the celebrity chef in the current broadcast during the cooking session. For example, it turned out that Steffen First saw Amira on TV. The 48-year-old now has a clear opinion of the dark-haired beauty. “I think she’s almost an Assi like him. That rubs off”joked Steffen.

Amira, however, cannot fully support this assumption. It is not true that the 28-year-old always represents the attitude of her husband Oli. “You don’t always agree in a marriage”countered the mom-to-be. But you can’t please everyone anyway.

Steffen Henssler and Laura Wontorra
Alessandra Meyer-W├Âlden, Amira and Oliver Pocher, Tobias Wegener at “Grill den Henssler”
Amira Pocher, TV-Star

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