Stop Corona app: Anschober relies on prominent supporters


So far, the app has been downloaded by 1.25 million people in Austria, and “a few hundred thousand” will be added in the coming weeks, he hoped at a press conference on Monday. Above all, the application facilitates contact management.

A week before the lockdown in Austria was slowly opened, the corona numbers continued to decline, within 24 hours, with 2,748 cases, fewer than 3,000 detected new infections were recorded for the first time. However, Anschober continued to speak of a “dramatically high level” – the current Corona case numbers in detail.

Video: The “Stop Corona App” should continue to serve as an aid to combat the corona pandemic.

One way of pushing these numbers down further is to use the “Stop Corona” app. According to the minister, there is still “room for improvement”. Therefore, Anschober appealed to everyone who has not yet installed the application “to do it now”. Installation on the smartphone does not take more than 30 seconds. “It doesn’t hurt, but it is very useful,” said Anschober.

Prominent supporters for app

The Federal Rescue Commander of the Red Cross, Gerry Foitik, again promoted the app. The 1.25 million users have so far prevented six to eight percent of new infections. “That is not enough,” said Foitik. In addition, the app will also be compatible with corresponding applications from other EU countries in the future. The Federal Rescue Commander emphasized that data protection is given. This was also confirmed by the journalist and social media expert Ingrid Brodnig via video connection.

Prominent supporter: Watchado founder Ali Mahlodji (left in the picture)

Image: APA

The app works via Bluetooth. All contacts that were closer than 1.5 meters and lasted longer than 15 minutes are recorded. If someone tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, a red warning can be sent to the contacts of the past few days via the app – including the request to self-isolate. The application currently works completely in the background, but from the next update it should be easy to read how many contacts the mobile phone has connected to.

Video: The press conference by Health Minister Anschober to see:

To get even more people interested in the app, Anschober was supported by several celebrities such as team boss Franco Foda, actor Harald Krassnitzer, EU youth ambassador Ali Mahlodji and ORF presenter Barbara Stöckl. According to Stöckl, he did not initially download the app, but after doing some research on contact tracing, he found out about it in the summer. Above all, Stöckl called on women in Austria, who are proven to be more sensitive to health issues, to advertise the app in their community. Every effort should be made to avoid deaths.



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