Strong tree as strong as a bear ensures Capitals victory at KAC


Austria’s only NHL goalkeeper Reinhard Divis once said in an interview with KURIER: “In the NHL, they don’t look to see if you make a mistake. They pay attention to how you react. ”

Capitals goalkeeper Bernhard Starkbaum reacted correctly on Sunday. In the top game at the KAC, his team just scored 1-0 (13th) through Nissner. Nine seconds later, Starkbaum wanted to stop the puck behind the goal, but it jumped and landed right in front of Ganahl, who hit the empty Vienna goal to make it 1-1.

Starkbaum’s reaction? Briefly take off your helmet, take a breath, take a sip of water. The team goalkeeper left the Klagenfurt desperate. In the first third alone, the KAC should have led with two or three goals.

After the 1: 2 by Wukovits (17th), the KAC took the lead in the final third with goals from Hundertpfund and Strong (46th) within 13 seconds 3: 2. The equalizer to 3: 3 by a shot deflected by Campbell fell just 60 seconds later (47th). It was the striker’s first goal in five games. At 4: 3 for the KAC, Lukas Haudum hammered the puck into the goal in a power play (55th). After the 4: 4 by Loney (58th) the game went into overtime. There the Viennese were outnumbered, and Campbell scored the Capitals 5-4 victory.

Capitals coach Dave Cameron knew who the father of the win was: “Bernhard Starkbaum kept it sensational and in the end we found a way to win the game. But it is also clear to all of us: We won’t win many games that way We have to improve and we can thank Starkbaum for keeping these two points for us. ”

Salzburg shot table leaders Graz 10-2 from the Volksgarten.

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