Success rate too bad – these are the NEW couples


The suit fits perfectly with Martin. Photo: Sat1

Does the dream of great love come true here? After the first six couples who said yes to each other at “Wedding at First Sight” this season or are supposed to give each other, things are still very bumpyt, the marriages threaten to fail after a short time, The experts are already busy working in the background. Do you want to iron out your supposed failure with the first six couples?

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Fans are disappointed! What Sat1 is currently presenting to the “wedding at first sight” fans at prime time on Wednesdays, iIn matters of love there is still a lot of potential for expansion. There is puffing. There is an argument. There are constant and bitter differences of opinion Tears from the newly wed candidates.

There is no radio in the current season

While Wiebke openly admits that she is the Marriage with Norbert only a 20 percent chance Emily is delighted to be home after the wedding and the honeymoon. Even if she is not entirely comfortable that she has her new husband Robert in tow. Daniela and René are even threatened the first “no” in front of the altar in the story of “Wedding at First Sight”. In any case, you don’t see pink love hearts in the eyes of the candidates.

Sat1 now apparently wants to change that and is extending it with “Wedding at first sight”. Instead of almost three hours of full droning relationship stress, the station now offers that Love spectacle until midnight at. The experts Markus Ernst, Beate Quinn and Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer have among the applicants new supposedly perfect “matches” found. S.You should say yes in November.

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Ariane and Martin: From the wedding to the emigrant couple?

The two Animal lovers with a great desire for long-distance travel seem to fit together perfectly at first glance. The interests: Apparently identical. The goals in life: too. Neither of them want children – it is often difficult to find a suitable partner. The experts are certain: these two are like a pot and a blanket. It is quite possible that the two pragmatists will later find each other in an emigrant show. Ariane’s dream: A life in South Africa. So is this “match” the beginning of a great TV career? Or at least great love?

In any case, the dress and suit have been bought – now the yes-word can follow.

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Do the two really go together perfectly: Ariane and Manuel? Photo: Sat1

Janina and Dennis: In-depth conversations instead of childish squabbling

Many fans are annoyed by the bitchy women of the current season “Wedding at first sight”. That shouldn’t happen with this couple. Both love long forest walks with in-depth conversations. Both describe each other not exactly as an emotion bolt, are rather quieter types. The experts are certain: the two give each other security and fit together perfectly.

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The perfect “match”: Janina and Dennis? Photo: Sat1

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