Super Nintendo World: Amusement park with Mario roller coaster opens in early 2021


It has long been known that Nintendo fans will be able to let off steam in a real amusement park in the future. Now there is a specific opening date for this.

Nintendo fans who are not afraid of a trip to the Far East can look forward to the fact that the Super Nintendo World amusement park is now in the starting blocks and is supposed to officially open in a few weeks.

As Universal Studios Japan has now announced, the grand opening ceremony for the theme park will take place on February 4, 2021. It will then officially open its doors to fans around the world.

As IGN Japan reports, you will be able to enter a detailed replica of Bowser’s castle in the park, including statues and paintings of King Koopa on the walls. When it comes to roller coaster, the main focus is on Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. In this, the passengers wear a special Mario hat with a visor, which brings augmented reality functions and projections with it. This should actually make you feel like you’re participating in a Mario Kart race.

The official website that has already started reveals some more information, including about the attractions. These include, for example, Yoshi’s Adventure. Here you have to go in search of Captain Toad with Yoshi and find three mysterious eggs.

The only downer at the start: The COVID-19 pandemic will hardly be over by then, which is why strict guidelines must be adhered to in the park. Executive Producer Thomas Geraghty assured that the social distancing regulations will be closely monitored and that all equipment will be disinfected regularly, including the aforementioned Mario Kart headsets in the roller coaster.

Foreign interested parties can actually only arrive when Japan reopens its borders. These are currently still closed to foreign tourists due to the pandemic. Super Nintendo World is part of Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

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