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Surprising sign of life after 20 years


For twenty years she lived withdrawn and far from the limelight, was considered the prodigal child of the Kelly Family and fought quietly against psychological problems. Barbara Ann (short: Barby) Kelly has now stepped out of her oblivion. The now 45-year-old now has an Instagram account. Is she now returning to her siblings and the family bond?

She doesn’t manage her account herself

Unclear, after all, as expected, Joey Kelly is responsible for the account rather than herself. By the way, it was he who recently advertised Barby on his profile. He now welcomes his sister’s followers with a first post: “Barby Kelly’s official Instagram account is now available,” says the black and white picture showing the beautiful musician at the microphone – a photo from the old days ? After all, Barby hasn’t appeared on stage in the past few years.

Barbys fight against mental health problems

And who knows, the Instagram account may now be your second little step on the way back into the spotlight.

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