Survey: Deutsche Cloud defies Corona, job market for skilled workers is growing again


Local cloud providers rate their business prospects as predominantly positive, as a recent study shows. If the optimistic outlook fell to 15 percent of those surveyed at the beginning of the corona pandemic, it has now increased again to 36 percent. At the same time, in the first Corona survey, 36 percent feared negative consequences, now only 11 percent think so.

The workforce also benefits from this: While short-time working and layoffs initially represented the greatest challenge of the crisis for 15 percent of cloud providers, only four percent said this at the end of the year. This can also be seen in the job advertisements, because the proportion of companies looking for new employees rose again significantly from 39 to 68 percent.

However, Corona remains present, because many providers still have to adjust to cancellations or interruptions of ongoing projects and customer orders. At the same time, 82 percent believe that the crisis will make the cloud catch on in Germany even faster. In the first half of the year, only seven percent were skeptical, and now their share has dropped to three percent.

When it comes to home office, the respondents see the absence of informal exchanges with colleagues. This would also be noticeable when building a corporate culture and so-called team building. Video conferences could only insufficiently reflect this.

114 cloud companies took part in the cloud computing market barometer Germany. Grohmann Business Consulting has carried out the study since 2009. A summary of the results can be found on the website of the Freiburg company.

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