Suspicion: negligent homicide: house search at the doctor in Maradona


Diego Maradona died a few days after a brain operation. The three daughters of the former world-class soccer player are calling for a review of the medication that the 60-year-old has been prescribed. The focus of the investigation is therefore Maradona’s doctor.
Prosecutor investigations have been initiated against the doctor of Argentina‚Äôs late football icon Diego Maradona. The competent authority of San Isidro near the capital Buenos Aires has confirmed media reports of investigations against Leopoldo Luque on suspicion of negligent homicide. In the course of the proceedings, searches took place in Luque’s private house and treatment rooms on Sunday.

The investigators were looking for evidence of misconduct by the doctor in the treatment of the 60-year-old. “The investigation and the preservation of evidence are still in progress, with some testimony also being made by direct relatives,” said the attorney general in San Isidro.

Maradona was like a father to him

Maradona’s three daughters – Dalma, Gianinna and Jana – are said to have asked the authorities in previous statements to review the drugs that their father had been prescribed in connection with a brain operation over the past few months.

Luque had operated on Maradona earlier this month in a clinic in La Plata for a blood clot in the brain. Eight days after the operation, the 1986 world champion was released. Two weeks later, Maradona died last Wednesday, according to official information, of complications from a heart attack. The 60-year-old was considered one of the best footballers of all time. But his life was always marked by many affairs as well as drug and alcohol addiction. In addition, he repeatedly had to struggle with serious health problems.

Luque confirmed the searches to journalists. He is cooperating with the public prosecutor, who have confiscated medical records on Maradona and electronic devices. With tears he said he had nothing to blame. “I’m proud of everything I’ve done for Diego.” He was like a father to him.

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