Sweden discusses the purpose of masks


Mouth and nose protection or not? That is the big question in Sweden right now. While the chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell sees no advantages in wearing the mask, more and more Swedes are being convinced that face protection is an alternative when it is not possible to keep your distance.

People with masks are still a rare sight in the streets of Stockholm.

Tt News Agency / Reuters

The main news on the Swedish radio made people sit up and take notice almost two weeks ago: “It is advisable to wear mouth and nose protection indoors and on public transport.” The recommendation was sent by the newly founded Covid-19 Expert Council of the Royal Academy of Science. The fact that his first report focuses on wearing a mask does not surprise anyone abroad, but it is diametrically opposed to the recommendations of the Swedish health authorities with Anders Tegnell at the top. The state epidemiologist has been lonely against the rest of the world since March with his conviction that masks do not slow down the infection and promise the wearer false security. The top-class expert knowledge and the recent appeal of the World Health Organization to Sweden to recommend face masks did not let him deviate from this belief.

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