Tabori’s companion: actor Peter Radtke is dead


The German actor and author Peter Radtke died on Saturday (November 28th) at the age of 77. This was announced by the Disability and Media Working Group (abm), of which Radtke was co-founder, on Monday in Munich. The Bavarian Radio had previously reported on it. Despite having a glass bone disease, Radtke had played on major stages, including at the Munich Kammerspiele as a guest at the Burgtheater.

The theater-loving doctor of literature, who called his autobiography “Half a life made of glass”, co-founded the “Münchner Crüppel Cabaret” in 1982 and has worked repeatedly with the director George Tabori. He played in Tabori’s productions of “M” after Euripides, “Happy Days” by Samuel Beckett or “Restless Dreams” after Franz Kafka.

With Kafka in parliament

Tabori’s dramatization of the Kafka story “Report for an Academy” for the Burgtheater was performed in Parliament in 1992, at the suggestion of the then President of the National Council, Heinz Fischer. Radtke later made a guest appearance at the Berlin Zoo and In Prague with his role as Rotpeter the monkey.

“Let’s dare to get out of our snail shell,” he advised actors with disabilities on his website. “We are also enriching traditional culture with new impulses that it urgently needs if it does not want to freeze in deadly formalism.”

In between, his body was marked by “more than 100 broken bones”, as he himself once said.

Radtke was a member of the German Ethics Council and holder of the Federal Cross of Merit and the Bavarian Order of Merit.


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