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2020 is a gloomy year for all film fans, cineastes and also professionalists worldwide: cinemas that have been closed for months, film starts that have been postponed, festivals that have been canceled and a lack of prospects in the industry that makes planning almost impossible.

by Christian Klosz

It is all the better when an international Category A film festival is looking for ways to keep the industry alive despite everything. The Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn, Estonia – PÖFF for short – is going into its 24th edition this year and has chosen a hybrid format that offers both film fans and journalists the opportunity to watch the films from home. In addition to the physical screenings on site, there are virtual screenings for the public and a dedicated online platform for accredited journalists, critics and industry members, on which a large part of the program is shown.

This is especially worthwhile because the selection of films is first class despite the massively limited material. In the following the most interesting and best films of the festival program are presented. The entries are updated continuously.

Part 1 of the list can be read HERE !!!

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“Mosquito State” by Filip Jan Rymsza

A somewhat too self-confident, weird mixture of “Cosmopolis”, “Pi” and “The Big Short” with sprinkles of body horror, which first and foremost fails due to the lack of creative independence. The metaphors that have been tried too hard often seem clumsy, while the staging, which at first glance appears highly professional, including beautiful pictures and coherent background music, strangely hollow. The story tells of a confused self-discovery trip by a rather autistic stock market analyst genius on the eve of the Wall Street crash in 2008, who – for whatever reason – enters into a symbiosis with a swarm of mosquitos: Sounds interesting at first glance, is am But the end is (too) empty and insubstantial. Too bad.

Rating: 44/100

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