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It was just the beginning.

50 years after the first “crime scene”, the investigators from Dortmund and Munich now met in the first part of the double episode “In der Familie”. Miro Nemec (66), as a guest inspector from Munich, stole a BVB coffee cup from his colleagues from the Ruhr area (spoiler: it appears again.).

▶ ︎Before the exciting Mafia story continues next Sunday (December 6th), BILD answers the most important questions about the case.

Is that it for TV star Aylin Tezel in “Tatort”?

Yes! At the end of the current episode, the disappointed Commissioner Nora Dalay (Aylin Tezel (became 37 in real life on Sunday) slams her boss Faber (Jörg Hartmann, 51) the badge on a table.

He comments: “Dude.” Tezel: “Everything has its time.” She uses the exit to make movies. She is currently in Israel for the literary film adaptation “The Russian is one who loves birch trees” in the lead role as a Jewish immigrant in front of the camera.

What real Mafia case does Commissioner Faber mention?

In a police meeting, Inspector Faber addressed a six-fold murder in Duisburg 13 years ago. In August 2007, after disputes between hostile “Ndrangheta” (Italian mafia from Calabria) at an Italian restaurant about the bloody crime involving six murders. Numerous clan members were arrested between 2007 and 2013. Seven of them sentenced to life imprisonment.

Wo kam Mafiosi „Pippo“ her?

Emiliano de Martino (38), a mafia relative “Pippo”, who was previously completely unknown in Germany, comes from Rome and was specially cast in Italy because his face should be unknown in Germany. He doesn’t speak German and got an interpreter on set.

Does the Italian Mafia really make 44 billion euros a year in sales?

Probably more. The large sum made up of illegal drug and arms deals is only a larger part of the total, according to experts. Particularly popular with the Mafiosi for years: Buying cheap real estate with dirty money in Germany, among other places, then renovating and reselling them cheaply. This is how the money is laundered and even multiplied.

Chief Inspector Bönisch at the side of her superior Peter FaberFoto: WDR/Frank Dicks

Why do Bönisch and Matuschek get along so well in front of the camera?

Very simple: Anna Schudt (46, Chief Inspector Martina Bönisch) and Public Prosecutor Matuschek (Moritz Führmann, 42) have been married in real life since 2010. The two have two sons together and have been playing together since 2015 at irregular intervals in the Dortmund “Tatort”.

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