“Tatort” vote: How did you like “In the Family”?


What a poignant tragedy: At the end of the Mafia »crime scene« on Sunday, the Calabrian restaurateur had to decide whether to kill his wife in order to save his daughter. This is what the Calabrian clan demanded, which financed his restaurant and of which his wife was guilty of treason. And the team around Faber, Bönisch and Dalay could not prevent this archaic violence.
In our review we wrote: “As a hub, the pizzeria is a small but important part of the mafia. How difficult it is to break this system can be seen in this somewhat different clan thriller, above all in the insurmountable entanglement of family and business. In order to portray them, Graf finds such disturbing and cruel images as one has seldom seen in a television thriller. Cause of death: family. «We gave 9 out of 10 points. How did you like the Mafia “crime scene”?
For Aylin Tezel it was her last appearance as Inspector Dalay. She now turns to tasks beyond the »crime scene« – but still stays with the crime thriller subject. She was just in front of the camera for the ZDFneo series “Unbroken”. In it she plays a heavily pregnant detective inspector.
The next Sunday, however, the »Tatort« anniversary and the Mafia story continue. In the second part of “In der Familie” the action shifts to Munich, where the ‘Ndrangheta are involved in construction and apparently have the city authorities under control. Here, too, there is tragedy at the pain limit.

Read here a double interview with Dominik Graf and Pia Strietmann, who are responsible for the double anniversary episode.
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