Tayisiya sure: Farmer Denise and Sascha get closer


Tayisiya Morderger (23) is now certain: Between the farmer Denise and her applicant Sascha, the love flash could still strike. In the previous episode of Bauer sucht Frau, the two enjoyed closer contact for the first time. Denise and Sascha sat together in the pool, drank a beer, fooled around with each other and, in such scanty clothes, also got closer physically. Although ex-court lady Taysiya was initially skeptical, she now firmly believes in a happy ending for the horse landlady and the regular soldier.

“So slowly I find that they are already warming up and getting closer,” says the ex of young farmer Matthias, explaining her point of view Promiflash-Inquiry. “I think it’s good that there are two of you on the farm and that he has the opportunity to show Denise his interest and his prospects.” In terms of humor, too, the potential dream couple is a perfect match – Taysiya herself could not do anything with their kind of comedy: “But I think it’s funny,” asserts the Dortmund woman nonetheless.

For ex- “Bauer sucht Frau” participant Christa Haberl (44), however, the magic is missing. “Denise and Sascha get along well and find each other visually attractive, but the spark will not jump over,” speculates the Bavarian. Gunther Höfler (35) should agree with Christa: “I would allow them to do it, but I think that she doesn’t really jump at him now because they get along too well and he is maybe even too nice. Maybe she’s a bit missing the bad boy”, speculates the former TV farmer.

Sascha and Denise at “Bauer sucht Frau” 2020

Instagram / christa_haberl

Christa Haberl in October 2020
Gunther Höfler, former "Farmer is looking for a wife"-Candidate

Instagram / n_farmer_gunther

Gunther Höfler, former “farmer seeks wife” candidate

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