Tear video: Kader Loth is scared to death after corona diagnosis


Kader Loth (47) is actually known not only as an icon of German reality TV, but also as a real diva with biting sayings. This is how she cheers her large fan base. She recently brought in together with galerie.arschgeweih FrameworkShirt on the market. But now follows a big setback for the dark-haired woman: The beauty now reported to her fans on social media with a worrying video: She has Corona and is therefore very scared.

On their Instagram-Account, the former jungle camp participant published a video in which she tearfully reveals her diagnosis. in the Promiflash-Interview, she revealed her current condition: She is lying in bed with chills. “I have a dry cough and my lungs hurt when I cough. I am afraid that my condition will worsen and I will die”, according to Big Brother notoriety. Framework couldn’t explain at all where she could have been infected, after all she was always very careful and followed all the rules.

Since yesterday she has suddenly felt worse and worse. “I went to the family doctor and did a quick test. The result was positive”, she reported.

Kader Loth, reality actress
TV star Kader Loth

Wehnert, Matthias / ActionPress

Kader Loth in February 2020

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