Termination threatens: British Airways is looking for anonymous “sex attendant”


The air Line British Airways is looking for its own employee. The reason: Customer service far beyond the normal range. The flight attendant is said to have offered the passengers sexual services – even at lofty heights.

As the “Sun” writes, there were various profiles under the name “Air Hostess 71” on social media. Without showing her face, the woman posted suggestive photos in uniform and from the plane. Their profile says, “If you ever want adult entertainment on board, just give me a sum of money and you will have a completely different experience.”

How much the unknown flight attendant charges for their services is unclear. For meetings outside the airport, however, she demands a deposit of 50 pounds – this has no basis for negotiation. For reasons of personality, the customer must also stay in a different hotel than the flight attendant. As employees of the airline say to the “Sun”, the woman is said to be stationed at London Heathrow Airport.

A British Airways spokesman said: “We expect the highest standards of behavior from all of our colleagues at all times.” If the woman is found, she faces immediate dismissal. After the “Sun” reports, the profiles on social media were deleted.

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