Terrorist attack: were local churches targeted?


Around 50 cell phones were seized from the ten terror suspects associated with the Vienna attack. That would at least indicate that the men did not only drink tea, as they have been claiming so far. This is the number of cell phones that are normally discovered when someone is involved in conspiratorial conversations, according to investigators. These devices are now being evaluated, but this could take a few more weeks.

According to Nehammer, there have been hundreds of clues so far. The investigations have shown that churches should also be targeted. These are now increasingly protected, for example by the protection of the constitution, but also by the Cobra. The officers will be partly hidden and partly in uniform on duty.


Apparently the assassin also wanted to penetrate to the Ruprechtskirche, but failed because of a closed door (and a timer). However, this finding is not new and has been known for weeks. No details were given as to whether there were any further indications; there was no concrete information at the press conference. Nehammer referred to the public prosecutor’s office when asked.

The interior minister warned against possible imitators. He asked the population to alert the police if they made suspicious observations.

Due to Corona, the press conference was moved outside to Minoritenplatz.

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