That’s why Giulia Siegel really burst into tears


Giulia Siegel sits crying and with a contorted face by the campfire. Photo: TVNow

We have never seen Giulia Siegel like this: The 46-year-old slipped all facial features at the private campfire at “Temptation Island VIP”, when the moderator Angela Finger-Erben showed her how she behaves in Ludwig Heer in the men’s villa. But later she confessed: The tears came not so much because of the behavior of her partner, but because she had given a lot of thought to emancipation.

Tears are part of “Temptation Island”. In the show, which after two seasons with “Normalos” is now starting with celebrity candidates for the first time, namely four couples put their relationship to the test. They are separated and spend two weeks in different villas.

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The highlight: The assigned men are accommodated with 10 single women, and the assigned women with single men. The solos only have one task: to seduce the candidates.

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At the beginning of the show, however, the Giulia seal didn’t seem to matter. Smoking casually, she took all the pictures that the always worried-looking presenter played for her. Even when she saw her Ludwig, who became famous as a television chef, lay in bed with six naked women, she remained calm, and pointed out that she feels six women less badly than if he had only been in bed with one. “What should he do with six women,” she said coolly and took a drag on her cigarette.

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But at the single campfire in the women’s villa, Angela Finger-Erben showed her scenes in which Ludwig fell asleep with candidate Sarah in his arms. “That’s cuddling,” cried Siegel and was certainly right. But it wasn’t just the pictures that brought her to tears, but also conversations with her colleague Stephie Schmitz.

“The tears actually have nothing to do with the pictures I saw of Ludwig,” she even later told “Promiflash”. “My tears by the campfire were solely due to the fact that I had many conversations with Stephie about emancipation, especially the modern form of emancipation, which I had no idea about until then.”

After the exhausting campfire, Giulia Siegel preferred to sleep with colleague Stephie Schmitz

By talking to Stephie, she questioned her whole life and her role as a woman. “But then I also consciously allowed the pain because I just wanted to go to court with myself,” she told the portal. Some realizations can be painful.

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