That’s why she does so much weight training now


Lately Sophia Thomalla shows her sporty side. You can often see her doing sports on Instagram. The model now has a whole new body feeling, as she says.

Photo series with 13 pictures

That probably gives her the kick: Sophia Thomalla discovered her passion for weight training. Thomalla earns her living as a model, presenter and actress. It is understandable that she attaches great importance to her appearance. But in the past few months, the 31-year-old’s body has visibly changed. On Instagram, she is increasingly inspiring her fans with fitness pictures and growing muscle mass.

But what triggered your new passion for weight training? Simone Thomalla’s daughter was simply fed up with her “saggy skinny look that I had for five or six years.” In the RTL interview, the 31-year-old now said that she had always weighed around 50 kilograms in the past. “But it wasn’t really that tight.”

So a change was needed and Thomalla decided: “We should finally build up a lot of muscle mass.” Since then, she has put on ten kilograms through intensive training. The pictures on Instagram speak for themselves. When is that enough? “I don’t have a body model. I try to push the limits where I think it suits me,” says Thomalla.

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