That’s why the palace is not responding to Meghan’s bold article


Duchess Meghan wanted to draw attention to a taboo subject with a “New York Times” article. In it, she reported a miscarriage. The reactions to this are clear, only the palace is holding back.

In an emotional post for the New York Times, Duchess Meghan made public that she had a miscarriage in July. She felt a bad cramp and was treated in hospital shortly afterwards.

She and her husband Prince Harry had the miscarriage caused great sorrow. In this context, they both knew how many women suffer from miscarriages and how little is talked about the subject.

A “deeply personal matter”

According to media reports, the British royal family should have known about the miscarriage. Employees were also allegedly informed in advance about the article in the “New York Times”. According to the Daily Mail, the palace did not want to comment. A spokesman called it a “deeply personal matter”.

This reaction indirectly contradicts what Meghan wanted to achieve with her article. Personally, yes, but it didn’t seem right for the 39-year-old to keep quiet about it. Because a feeling of shame often also means lonely grief. Instead, she advocates doing more for the well-being of others. That’s why she also mentioned the corona pandemic or the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd in her text.

Regardless, Royal expert Katie Nicholl said, according to Mail Online, that the royal family gave Harry and Meghan a lot of support after the miscarriage. “They knew what had happened. Harry had been in constant touch with them all summer and they knew what they were going through. I believe they were supported by the royal family during this time.”

Palast sticks to the old politics

With their public non-response to the private details from the lives of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry in the article, the palace persists in its usual behavior. The policy of high-ranking members of the royal family is to reveal almost nothing about their personal life. Queen Elizabeth II never spoke to the media about her personal life during her 68-year reign.

Duchess Meghan has often disagreed with this philosophy. Probably because of this, Harry and Meghan resigned as high-ranking members of the royal family at the beginning of the year and have been living with Archie in California since spring.

Previously, Zara Tindall, a granddaughter of the Queen, talked about their miscarriages – as the first member of the royal family. In an interview with the Sunday Times in 2018, she revealed that she had lost two babies after the birth of her eldest daughter Mia before she became pregnant with her two-year-old daughter Lena. Prince Edward’s wife Sophie von Wessex is also believed to have lost a baby in December 2001.

Harry’s uncle expresses his condolences

In the meantime, Duchess Meghan is celebrated on social media for her “New York Times” article, “brave” and “brilliant” is the contribution, it is said. Other users noted that their contribution could help to break the taboo that prevails on the subject of miscarriages and ensure that women no longer suffer in silence.

Harry’s uncle Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s (1961-1997) brother, expressed his condolences to his nephew and Meghan during an appearance on the show “Lorraine”: “I can’t imagine how excruciating it is when a couple is this way loses a child. It is very, very sad. And of course I totally agree with you, all thoughts today are with you. ”

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