That’s why there was a duo for the first time on “The Masked Singer”!


The Masked Singer spared Lucas Cordalis (53) from a marriage dispute? Daniela Katzenberger (34) and her partner Lucas were revealed as the meerkat duo in the final of “The Masked Singer” last Tuesday. For the first time there was a couple with the two on the show. With a winking eye, Daniela betrayed him Promiflash-Interview now why both she and Lucas were contacted.

“[…] I think they just didn’t want to choose. They didn’t want to make a noise at home “the cult blonde joked about participating with her husband. Since it was not a pure vocal show, Daniela had no qualms about going on stage with her partner. “People always thought that I was the monster or the rabbit anyway. Now in the third season they have asked my husband and me,” the cult blonde explained in an interview with Promiflash.

Thank you for participating in the show! In one Instagram-Post wrote Daniela: “What was that great time ?! And one thing has become more than clear to me in the last few weeks: Damn it, I’ll never look so cute in my whole life!” Under no circumstances did she want to be thrown out in the first episode: And she achieved her goal!

Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Lucas Cordalis and Daniela Katzenberger
Lucas Cordalis and Daniela Katzenberger as meerkats in “The Masked Singer” final
Lucas Cordalis and Daniela Katzenberger

Instagram / lucascordalis

Lucas Cordalis and Daniela Katzenberger

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