“The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights” was so emotional


Florian Silbereisen presents that "Advent festival of 100,000 lights" in the ARD.

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Advent, Advent, a little light is burning

On the eve of the first Advent, Florian Silbereisen presented “The Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights. This time Florian was invited to include Andreas Gabalier, Andrea Berg, Ross Antony, Howard Carpendale, David Garrett, Beatrice Egli, Ramon Roselly, Eloy de Jong, the Nuremberg Christ Child and greet many others

With a beautiful backdrop, With the lighting of the first candle and the most beautiful Advent and Christmas carols, the audience certainly all got into the Christmas mood. But some tears also flowed.

Christmas is around the corner.

Christmas is around the corner.

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Especially with Andrea Berg (54), the emotions just gushed. The hit queen performed her song “The Miracle of Life” and couldn’t hold back her tears.

When Florian Silbereisen asked her about the song, Andrea said that she wrote this song two years ago, at the end of the album ‘Mosaik’ and “Today at this time you suddenly notice that it suddenly clicks and you think to yourself:

We always complain about everything we don’t have instead of thanking us about what we have received and have. The sunrise, the child, the friends, loyal companions. ”

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“I have made up my mind not to cry today”

The pop singer is then a little annoyed about her tears and confesses that she was determined not to cry.

What we need to transport is positive energy, is refuge, is hope, is waiting, is contemplative, to be with our loved ones now in these times and believe that it will soon be as beautiful as it used to be, “said the 54-year-old.

But Andrea wasn’t the only one who created an emotional moment. The appearance of Eloy de Jong (47) also let tears roll down the audience.

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Eloy de Jong’s song “In the Stars” definitely got under your skin. With the song Eloy reminds us of all the personalities who passed away this year. Certainly the audience was able to play in the deceased don’t hold back a tear or two.

And it is precisely at this reflective time of year that we should remember the people we love, to whom we have had to say goodbye forever and thus show that they will be in our hearts forever.

Thank you Eloy de Jong for this moment and thank you Florian Silbereisen for this wonderful Christmas show.

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