The Aidshilfe Essen is relying on a positive life together again this year: After 35 years everything is “uncertainly certain” again!


The world was ruled by a virus as early as the early 1980s. Even if the transmission of HIV appears to be much lower, a diagnosis in the 80s was a death sentence for many. Today, however, it is not dying but rather discrimination that is the most common reason why people do not get tested.

A lot has happened in the treatment. Most can live well with HIV and AIDS. With good treatment, the infection is no longer contagious.
However, this year the uncertainty returned. “Do I belong to the risk group?” “What happens if I get infected?” Corona also determines the lives of people with HIV. Many remember earlier times. Some live isolated and can hardly cope with the necessary protective measures. They have no environment to support them.

Aidshilfe Essen eV was there the whole year round. With 35 years of experience with a virus, the club has adapted to the new situation in its anniversary year – more modern and still flexible, reliable and courageous. “Because life doesn’t stop,” says Daniela Flötgen, managing director of Aidshilfe Essen eV The deceleration of the last few months has brought the individual back to the fore and stimulated further development. “We remain visible with and for people with HIV. We are part of a community that can sustainably overcome this crisis. In addition to all the changes in how we live together, we also need the tried and tested. That is why we will meet on World AIDS Day 2020 very consciously and in compliance with all measures. ”

The numbers are consistently high in North Rhine-Westphalia with an estimated 680 new HIV diagnoses in 2019. 230 people had advanced damage to the immune system at the time of diagnosis, including 110 people with an AIDS-defining disease. 100 people with HIV died in 2019 in North Rhine-Westphalia alone.

Anyone wishing to take part in the memorial event at Weberplatz on Tuesday, December 1st at 6 p.m. or the memorial service in the Kreuzeskirche at 7 p.m. should register informally at [email protected]

The events take place in cooperation with Aidshilfe Essen eV, Alt-Katholische Kirche, Evangelische Kirche, Diakoniewerk-Ev. Advice center for pregnancy, family and sexuality, Catholic Church, Network Church AIDS Pastoral Care takes place.

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