“The Crown”: British government intervenes in Netflix dispute


Dhe British government would like more information from the makers of “The Crown” about the narrative freedom of the popular Netflix series. “It is a beautifully produced work of fiction,” said Minister of Culture Oliver Dowden of the newspaper “Mail on Sunday”. “That’s why Netflix should make it very clear at the beginning that it is exactly that.”

Otherwise it could happen that especially younger viewers would take the events in the series at face value. Dowden announced a letter directly to the streaming provider. Netflix initially did not respond to his statements when asked by the AP news agency.

“The Crown” is about the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II, which began in 1952 and continues to this day. There had already been criticism of historical inaccuracies in the first three seasons.

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The current fourth season takes place in the 80s, which many Brits remember well, not least because of the drama about Prince Charles and Lady Diana. There was criticism, among other things, of the representation of the Crown Prince’s marriage.

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