The DAX reform is to be welcomed, but there is a lack of a stock culture in Germany – comments


It is an important step that the Dax will include 40 companies in the future. But a better share culture and a commitment to sustainability would also be needed.

The reform of the German share index (Dax) was overdue – not only because of the scandal surrounding the payment service provider Wirecard, which was represented in the illustrious circle of 30 Dax companies for weeks after the bankruptcy in June. Afterwards it was astonishing that with Delivery Hero, a company that had not yet made a cent of profit followed suit. Now the rules are tightened and the Dax is increased to 40 companies. The right step.

The most important stock market barometer in this country should also be a reflection of the German economy, even if the most important branch, the German SME sector, does not receive any attention there. Nevertheless, the Dax currently represents around three quarters of the value of all companies whose shares are traded in this country. When in September 2021 …

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