The dispute at MAN continues to escalate: Works council sues companies


The next escalation level in the dispute between the executive board and employee representatives at the truck manufacturer MAN: After the central works council interrupted discussions about job cuts three weeks ago, the announcement followed yesterday that the company wanted to take legal action against the company.

The fact that MAN terminated the contract to secure the location and jobs at the end of the year is illegal from the point of view of the employee representatives, said works council chief Saki Stimoniaris. The management only has a right to early exit from the contract, which was concluded for the period up to 2030, if the market slumped by more than 40 percent. In the opinion of the works council, this is not evident despite the current crisis. “This means that the termination is ineffective,” said Stimoniaris. An appointment before the labor court in Munich is planned for January 12th.

As reported several times, the Traton Holding, in which the MAN parent VW has bundled the heavy commercial vehicle business, wants to make the truck manufacturer profitable in the long term and to cut 9500 of the 36,000 jobs in return. The Steyr site with around 2500 employees is threatened with extinction. Production is to be relocated to Turkey and Poland.


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