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Hamburg – For Laura Karasek (38), daughter of the famous literary critic († 2015), the career is going great: The Hamburg native moderates shows (“Höhle der Lügen”, “Zart am Limit”), and in 2021 she will also be on the “Traumschiff”. A power woman who also writes a script and wants to publish her third novel. There is only one thing that Laura has not mastered so far: to go to the grave of her father Hellmuth at the Ohlsdorf cemetery.

IMAGE: Why not?

Laura Karasek: “I haven’t made it yet, also emotionally. I think of him very often and would love to have him as an advisor. He was always critical, but also generous and loving. He is still so vividly before my eyes, in my heart, I can still hear his voice. Hopefully he would be proud of me. “

The grave of Hellmuth Karasek in the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg


BILD: You live in Frankfurt now. When was the last time you were in Hamburg?

Laura: “I was there recently, it was nice to be with my mother on the Alster.”

BILD: How important is Hamburg?

Laura: “Hamburg will always be my home. The place of my childhood, my youth – with a lot of ease and joy. “

Teaser picture

November 2012: Laura and her father Hellmuth

BILD: How do you create a job AND family?

Laura: “I don’t need a lot of rest, I am restless, passionate. After all, I only have one life, I don’t want to waste any time. I sometimes write until 5 a.m., rarely go to bed early, do sports, read a lot of books. I never get bored. Life is so rich! I like to live excessively – without a handbrake! ”

BILD: Now a shoot with Florian Silbereisen. What do you think of him?

Laura: “My taste is no more original than that of many other people: I just think it’s great!”

BILD: Do you watch “Traumschiff” privately?

Laura: “And how! I love longing, sunsets … ”

BILD: … nice and kitschy!

Laura: “Humans are contradictory beings and I love kitsch as much as hip-hop. I think that Brecht poems, opera music and glitter fumbling are not mutually exclusive. ”

BILD: You are admitted to the bar, you could also practice the profession, right?

Laura: “At the moment I don’t have any ongoing mandates, but it’s good to know that there is a way back. I hope.”

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