The headmistress of Berlin does not find the mask requirement bad – BZ Berlin


The dispute over the new mask requirement for primary school students continues. While the Green Party politician Antje Kapek (2 children, 7 and 10) is “angry” about this Senate decision, this reaction in turn makes the Neukölln headmistress Astrid-Sabine Busse (63) “stunned”.

“No child uttered screams of horror when I announced it on Friday in the classes,” says the director of the “School in the Köllnische Heide” (650 students) of the BZ

From this week on, kids must also be in the 5th / 6th Wearing mouth and nose covering while learning – until now it was only mandatory in the corridors, in the courtyard. However, the new regulation only applies in six hot-spot areas with a high number of infections (incidence from 200).

The issues at stake:

► Wearing time: “Up to eight hours a day for 10 and 11 year old children. Hardly any politician can do that, ”Kapek said. Counterattack by the headmistress: “The alarm clock rings every 20 minutes to ventilate. I mean: You can take these things off and take a breath. ”

► Learning disabilities: Kapek disturbs the fact that the children’s facial expressions can no longer be seen. Busse: “It would be difficult for the very youngsters who are currently learning to read and write. But in the 5th / 6th Grade not – in most of the other federal states these are high school students, too, elementary school ends after the fourth grade.

In any case, on Monday the caretaker of the Neukölln elementary school picks up the packs with the Senate masks, and many initiatives have also sewn them out of fabric.

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