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    Mask collector: Two men clean up and shake up

    They are ubiquitous in the pandemic – the protective masks. Not only on the faces of our counterparts, they are now everywhere, carelessly thrown away: a Briton and a Frenchman have to this day on an eight-week walk from Marseille to Paris – that’s 800 kilometers – collected all the protective masks that were on their way. Thousands have come together.

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    Corona crisis is driving many people in Switzerland into poverty

    The aid organization Caritas says it supports tens of thousands of people in precarious situations with advice and direct payments. The entire relief campaign this year has cost 12.2 million francs so far, of which 9.7 million francs come from Swiss Solidarity. Caritas speaks of its largest aid campaign in Switzerland.

    Many people get into financial bottlenecks because the work is less or completely absent – or because the short-time work compensation only covers 80 percent of the previous wages. That is why Caritas is now making political demands.

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    Austria: Ski Association calls for the start of the season without delay

    In an open letter, the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV) asked the federal government of the country to keep the season opener for winter sports. “With growing concern we are registering an international campaign against winter sports that is being led by leading political decision-makers in our neighboring countries,” writes the ÖSV President. “Winter sports cannot be equated with party tourism and unbridled après-ski.” There are also strict hygiene concepts and space restrictions.

    The letter closes with an appeal to the federal government: “On behalf of hundreds of thousands of people who work in winter sports, we appeal to you not to be put off in your consistent line. We therefore ask you to continue to campaign for winter sports and to ensure that the start of the season is possible without delay. ”

    For days, the Alpine countries in Europe have been arguing about the closure of winter sports businesses. While Germany and Italy are campaigning for opening only after the New Year, Austria and Switzerland do not want to close their ski areas at all.

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    Lucerne: 25 million for companies threatened by the existence

    Together with the federal government, the canton of Lucerne is supporting companies with 25 million francs that have got into difficulties due to the corona measures. Parliament approved the special loan with 109 votes to 0.

    The federal government will take over CHF 8.6 million of the CHF 25 million. Lucerne wants to provide most of the aid in the form of guarantees, with only 3 million francs being A-fonds-perdu contributions. A case of hardship is when the annual turnover of a company is below 60 percent of the average turnover of the two previous years due to the corona crisis in 2020.

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    US minister expects two vaccines before Christmas

    According to Health Minister Alex Azar, two Covid 19 vaccines could be available in the USA before Christmas. A FDA advisory board will meet on December 10th to discuss Biontech and Pfizer’s vaccine, which could then be approved and shipped within days. Moderna’s vaccine could follow a week after that. Both vaccines could then be administered before Christmas, says Azar to the broadcaster CBS.

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    Italians have to stay at home for New Year’s Eve

    In Italy it is becoming apparent that the nightly curfew from 10 p.m. for the 60 million Italians should still apply on New Year’s Eve. The ban has been in place since the beginning of November.

    In order to avoid a third corona wave, politics must remain strict in December, said Italy’s Minister for Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia. If the restrictions continue as before, people would have to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home, he said.

    In addition, the Italian government decided on a further eight billion euros in corona financial aid during the night.


    Life in Italy is severely restricted. Many tourist attractions are closed and there is a curfew at night.


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    German word of the year is “Corona pandemic”

    A jury from the Society for the German Language (GfdS) has decided to appoint “Corona Pandemic” as Word of the Year 2020.

    As word of the year, corona pandemic also stands for a variety of new word formations: coronavirus, crisis, numbers, year, corona demo, hotspot, warning app, corona-related, plagued … and so on.

    Since the GfdS usually chooses the word with a very Germany-heavy reference, Switzerland has been choosing its own word for the year since 2003.

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    Vaccine: Moderna applies for approval in the EU

    The pharmaceutical company Moderna wants to be the first company to apply for approval for a corona vaccine in the EU. The company announced that the application should be submitted to the European Medicines Agency today.

    At the same time, an application for emergency approval is to be submitted to the US FDA. In the EU, according to Moderna, the drug could be delivered as early as December if it receives approval.

    The Moderna vaccine has an effectiveness of 94.1 percent, according to the company. That emerges from the latest analysis of the phase III study, in which 30,000 people in the USA are participating. Half of the participants receive the vaccine, the other half a placebo. For full vaccination protection, two doses are necessary at intervals.

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    Evangelical Church recommends living will

    If there is a shortage of intensive care, doctors have to decide who will get a bed. This poses serious ethical problems for them. The Evangelical Church of Switzerland (EKS) advises the use of living wills to avoid tragedies.

    The EKS published ten questions and answers that show a possible way out of the ethical problem. These are to prevent the unhappiness of the disease from turning into injustice. Everyone should clarify the question of whether they want intensive medical treatment or do without it. The decision should be documented.

    an advance directive


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    Around 8,780 new cases – trend continues to decline

    • The Federal Office of Public Health has noon today 8782 new cases who have tested positive for the coronavirus in the past few days.
    • So that lies 7-day average at 3737. These are 15 percent less than in the previous week. The trend is currently downward.
    • The positive rate on a 7-day average is currently at 18.3 percent. This means that out of 100 tests, an average of 18 tests were positive.
    • The BAG reports 195 new deceased. The cantons are currently reporting 3235 peoplewho are being treated in a hospital for Covid-19. These are 11 percent less than in the previous week.

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    Mask sizes: “Over fifty percent of the population is not taken into account”

    In contrast to fabric masks, there is only one size for hygiene masks. However, it doesn’t fit everyone equally well.

    To test how many viruses and bacteria a mask holds back, it is put on a so-called standard head in the laboratory, explains Ernest Weingartner from the Institute for Sensor Technology and Electronics at the University of Applied Sciences in Northwestern Switzerland: “These standard heads are male. But this does not take into account over fifty percent of the population. ”

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    Corona rapid tests now also in Zug pharmacies

    The canton of Zug is expanding its range of tests: As of Tuesday, three pharmacies in Steinhausen, Zug and Rotkreuz will be carrying out rapid antigen tests. In view of falling test rates, the expansion of the test offer comes at just the right time, said the Zug health department. Together with the canton doctor, she calls on the population to get tested even if they have only mild symptoms.

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    Germany is planning a health reserve with protective equipment

    The German Health Minister Jens Spahn wants to build a national health reserve with protective equipment, for example, by the end of 2021. For this purpose, at 19 locations in
    Germany stocks are stored. In future, reserve requirements are to be kept for one month. The concept for the Federal Government’s Corona cabinet available to the Reuters news agency also shows that the stocks are to be increasingly replenished with masks produced in Germany from 2022.

    Jens Spahn

    The German health minister wants to keep a reserve of protective equipment in stock for one month.


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    China’s industry is growing faster than it has been in three years

    The Chinese industry continued its recovery course in November. China’s factory activity expanded at the fastest pace in more than three years in November. China’s huge industrial sector is steadily returning to pre-pandemic activity levels among key trading partners, regardless of the second corona wave.

    The service sector also grew in November. China’s service sector includes many smaller private companies that are recovering more slowly from the corona pandemic than manufacturing.

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    Multiple corona tests for Olympic athletes

    The organizers of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which have been postponed to next summer due to Corona, will face considerable additional costs. According to the Japanese news agency Kyodo, the organizing committee estimates the cost of measures to protect against the coronavirus at around 100 billion yen (around 802 million euros).

    On December 2, the Japanese NOK, the city of Tokyo and the Japanese central government want to present an interim report on the corona measures, as reported by the Japanese daily “Nihon Keizai Shimbun”. According to the newspaper, foreign athletes are to be subjected to multiple corona tests.

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    More malaria deaths feared due to Corona

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there could be tens of thousands of additional deaths from malaria this year because of the corona pandemic. Depending on how severely the malaria health services were interrupted because of the pandemic, there could be between 20,000 and 100,000 more malaria deaths than expected, most of them children, said Pedro Alonso, head of the malaria program at the WHO. According to a WHO report published on Monday, around 409,000 people worldwide died of malaria in 2019, most of them in Africa.

    Women with babies

    The experts criticized that malaria, from which many people die, especially in Africa, does not get nearly as much attention and funding as the coronavirus.


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    Figures from the USA

    The US disease centers CDC announce 143,333 new positive tests and 1,210 more deaths. This means that there are more than 13.14 million corona infections and
    265,166 deaths recorded.

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    The most important of the night

    • Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga spoke to Italian President Giuseppe Conte by phone about the situation in the ski areas during the second wave of the corona pandemic. The dialogue and the search for solutions would continue, so Sommaruga on Twitter.
    • Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder has expressed himself “outraged” that too little is being talked about corona deaths in Germany. Health Minister Jens Spahn said in discussions with the Prime Minister that Corona should become the third leading cause of death in Germany this year.

    You can read more news about the corona crisis from the night and the past few days here.

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