“The Masked Singer” final: she was in a skeleton costume and wins


Updated November 25, 2020, 8:31 a.m.

  • Six masks were released in the finale of “The Masked Singer”.
  • The meerkats had to take off their costumes first, then the anubis, then the hippopotamus.
  • The skeleton won, the alien came in second.

Ticker for “The Masked Singer” for reading

12:32 am: With that, I say goodbye to the live ticker for the “Masked Singer” final and I squeeze another tear (Klaas). Until next time!

12:29 am: The mask is lifted: Sarah Lombardi is the skeleton. The rate team members as well as many fans expected the singer. Nevertheless: sensational performance in every single show. She is also the first woman to win TMS.

12:24 am: Do you also remember the times when Thomas Gottschalk on “Wetten, dass ..?” Has exceeded by 20 minutes and that was the big topic the next day? Me neither.

00:05: Unsurprisingly, the skeleton won the third season of “The Masked Singer”. The Alien lands in second place: It’s singer Alec Völkel. Then another advertisement.

00:00 am: Another eleven minutes of advertising.

11:49 pm: Tom Beck also seems to be a bit through: He says that the skeleton is about to take its head off. Just the mask – so let’s hope now.

11:36 pm: It shouldn’t be called a “super indicator”, but rather “How we just dragged out the last duel unnecessarily”. At the end the alien sings again in several languages: “Perfect Symphony” by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli, in English and Italian. The “ItAlien”, as Matthias Opdenhövel calls it.

Chef Nelson Müller is the hippopotamus

11:16 p.m .: The skeleton is in the finals of the finals. With that, the hippopotamus has to take off its mask: It’s cook Nelson Müller. Both the rate team and the Twitter users and viewers in the ProSieben app had tipped him.

11:12 pm: Rea Garvey could also have been a guest in the final. With Tom Beck I always forget that he’s still there. Doesn’t really stand out with his ideas.

11:07 pm: The skeleton sings “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera. Another strong performance, Bülent has tears in his eyes.

10:58 pm: The hippopotamus shows humor in the second song: “You’re simply the Best” by Tina Turner, “You’re simply the best”. He’s already wearing a crown. See if that will still be the case at the end of the show.

10:48 pm: I still cry softly into my bag of chips and mourn Anubis-Klaas. It’s good that advertising is coming up again … By the way, if you’re wondering where you know Ben Blümel: In 2002 he sang the song “Engel”.

10:39 p.m .: Singer Ben Blümel is the Anubis. There it is, the Stefan Raab moment – at least for me. I had hoped for Klaas (despite all the evidence).

10:33 pm: Who has to air his mask next? The Anubis is out.

10:16 pm: Incidentally, the fact that the rate team simply continues to advise cheerfully in round two could be taken for granted and the show reduced to two hours. Just as a suggestion, ProSieben. This also applies to the highlights.

10:13 pm: The alien competes in a duel with Anubis and sings “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel. What a contrast to the Foo Fighters from earlier!

10:05 pm: Anubis sings “Sonne” by Rammstein as the second song – and Bülent Ceylan headbangs in front of and on the rate desk. My colleague and I agree: The music selection from Anubis today is unfortunately great. Maybe it’s Till Lindemann himself?

The meerkats are the Katzenbergers

9:55 p.m.: Now it’s out: the meerkats are Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis. “If I can’t sing, but I can wiggle my ass,” says the cat about her performances. And: “Now I’ll have a coffee first.” That’s how you know them.

9:45 pm: Night of almost eleven (!) Minutes of advertising it finally goes on. Who has to lift his mask first? Further are:

  • the alien
  • the skeleton
  • the anubis
  • the hippopotamus

So the meerkats have to take off their masks first.

9:31 pm: Now everyone has sung and now there will probably be 37 minutes of advertising before the first mask really falls.

9:23 pm: The skeleton is wearing pants today. That’s probably better for rocking. Today everything is very rocking on stage. The song of the skeleton: “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera.

9:12 pm: One hour is over – the TMS finale is supposed to last until 00:30. On Twitter, the first complaints from fans are loud: Takes far too long for a show during the week you can read about there. Meanwhile, the meerkats are singing “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift. Doesn’t quite get to the original.

9:09 pm: Haddaway, Nelson Müller and Teddy Teclebrhan are the jury’s tips.

9:02 pm: “I’m going out there, I’ll be free and have fun.” That sounds hard like Heidi Klum, who always says something like that to her GNTM girls. Maybe she’s under the hippopotamus costume. Has anyone ever thought about it? By the way, the hippopotamus is singing “All of me” by John Legend and that sounds fantastic.

8:46 pm: Sonja Zietlow continues to tip on Luke Mockridge for the Alien, who is also very popular with many fans. Guess guest Tom Beck has the best guess: He believes that a cowboy is hiding under the costume. John Wayne?

8:42 pm: Even with the Alien it stays rocking: “All the best” by the Foo Fighters. Maybe Dave Grohl is under the mask? It is by far the best performance by the alien.

8:38 pm: ProSieben already has humor and always fades in the advertisement for Klaas’ show “Late Night Berlin” parallel to the Anubis appearance.

Bülent Ceylan’s mother has hot tips

8:30 p.m .: The Anubis starts with “Last Resort” by Papa Roach – and rocks the stage right away. Bülent plays the air guitar and I reconsider my Klaas-Heufer-Umlauf theory. Sounds different today somehow.

8:27 pm: Is it noticeable that the skeleton is always allowed to sing last – because the best singer is hidden underneath? A little variety wouldn’t have hurt.

8:19 pm: At the beginning all masks sing “One night only – we only have ’til dawn” by Jennifer Hudson – “Only one night – we only have until dawn”. They don’t mean that literally, do they?

8:08 pm: Incidentally, these are the tips from Bülent Ceylan’s mother Hilde – who had already been right with Vicky Leandros (“cat”):

  • Anubis = Jürgen Vogel
  • Meerkats = Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis
  • Hippopotamus = Nelson Müller
  • Skeleton = Jeanette Biedermann
  • Alien = Luke Mockridge

Will she live up to her reputation as a TMS oracle?

8:03 pm: Somehow I still don’t want to believe that Tom Beck was the sloth … For me it will always be Stefan Raab.

8:01 pm: How, what, where, is this already starting? Annemarie Carpendale is probably not hidden under the meerkat masks – she is currently on stage next to Matthias Opdenhövel.

7:31 pm: We weren’t all disappointed when the sloth costume in season two wasn’t Stefan Raab, but Tom Beck. Many TMS fans had firmly assumed that the entertainer was hiding under the costume, even believed to have recognized his voice. And the evidence fit perfectly – at least until actor Tom Beck was exposed. How many such Stefan Raab moments will there be today?

1:40 p.m .: So far, his favorite has been the skeleton, but Bülent Ceylan is actually not so sure about that either. In the interview he promises a “tough” TMS finale and reveals which unmasking surprised him the most.

Preliminary report on the TMS finale: six revelations – more than ever

Angela Merkel is always elected: if the “Masked Singer” viewers have their way, she is hidden Chancellor both under the hippopotamus costume as well as under the Alien Mask and the Skeleton disguise. For once, regardless of the fact that the hippopotamus and alien performers – at least in terms of voice – are likely to be male, it is completely unlikely that the Chancellor will appear as a masked singer on the Stage by Matthias Opdenhövel stands.

But who is hidden under the elaborately created masks? That is the big question am Tuesday, November 24th, in the final from 8:15 p.m. is resolved. Since the meerkats appear as a pair, for the first time in the “Masked Singer” story, there are even six revelations – and the show is correspondingly long. ProSieben is not stingy with advertising and so the end of the show is scheduled for 00:30. Probably not even Thomas Gottschalk has to be under one of the masks for the following programs to change again Postpone at least 30 minutes will.

“The Masked Singer”: Who will be exposed on Tuesday?

The skeleton was always in the favor of the jury and the audience and is the favorite for the win. Whether it is, then Sarah Lombardi or Mandy Capristo hides, will probably not be clear until the very end. Also a singer Marie Wegener and Helene Fischer appear in the tips of online fans.

The meerkat may have to tear the mask off their heads earlier. The internet community is certain: they are Katzenbergers, Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis. Annemarie and Wayne Carpendale also appear in the tips, as does Angela Merkel again – but this time in a duet with Jens Spahn. At the Alien however, the fans do not quite agree: Luke Mockridge and Alec Völkel from the band “The BossHoss” are almost on par. Other suggestions are Hape Kerkeling, Rolando Villazon and Giovanni Zarrella.

At the Anubis especially the Twitter community taps on Moderator Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, because the parallels – especially with his partner Joko – are obvious. But also Elyas M’Barek can gather a considerable fan base behind him who wishes he had the mask on.

How many Stefan Raab moments will there be?

At the hippo it is quite clear: Most people choose Koch Nelson Müller – the runner-up Matthias Schweighofer is far behind.

The rate team Sonja Zietlow and Bülent Ceylan have also thrown a lot of names into the virtual scale: singer Clueso as an alien or actor Henning Baum as Anubis.

In the final, the two will be from Season 2 winner, Tom Beck, supported. Back then he was hiding in a sloth costume – and ultimately disappointed many viewers. They were sure that Stefan Raab had disguised himself as a sloth. How many Stefan Raab moments there will be in the finale of the 3rd season, you can follow in our live ticker.

These costumes are in the final

All other indications at a glance

More information about “The Masked Singer” can be found here

The rate show “The Masked Singer” lives from its imaginative costumes – two women are responsible for that. In a small town in Bavaria they make the elaborate garments.

Teaserbild: © ProSieben / Willi Weber

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