The morning situation: Joe Biden injured himself playing with a German shepherd


The morning situation
Inauguration in the support shoe? Joe Biden injured himself playing with his dog

See in the video: Biden injured his ankle and Trump sends well wishes.The elected US President Joe Biden sprained his right ankle while playing with his German Shepherd and sustained small stress fractures in his foot. His doctor assumes that Biden will have to wear a boot-like orthopedic support shoe for several weeks. This makes it possible that Biden will still have to wear the support shoe during his planned ceremonial inauguration on January 20. The incumbent President Donald Trump usually only has ridicule and snappy comments for the Democrat. This time he sent Biden wishes for recovery. “You will get well soon,” he wrote on Twitter. According to his office, Biden injured himself on Saturday while playing with his German shepherd “Major”. In addition to “Major”, the Democrat and his wife Jill also have the German shepherd “Champ”. The dogs are also due to move into the White House in January.


France: Charges against four police officers after brutal use +++ More than 11,000 new corona infections in Germany +++ Society for German language announces “Words of the year 2020” +++ The news on Monday morning.

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Charges have been brought against four French police officers who are said to have massively attacked a black music producer last week. After the incident, more than 100,000 people demonstrated against police violence in France over the weekend. Meanwhile, US President-elect Joe Biden suffered a small stress fracture in his foot while playing with his dog and had to wear a boot-like orthopedic support shoe for “several weeks”.

The headlines to start the day

We have summarized for you what happened during the night:

France: Four police officers charged after brutal use

Four police officers were charged during the night in France for an attack on a black music producer. The AFP agency reported this in the morning, citing the judicial authorities. The brutal police operation in Paris had caused outrage and protests across the country in France in recent days.

A video published on Thursday shows how several police officers massively attack a music producer in the entrance of his production studio. At the weekend, over 100,000 people in France demonstrated against police violence and a planned security law.

Biden injures himself playing with a German shepherd

The elected US President Joe Biden sprained his right ankle while playing with his German Shepherd and sustained small stress fractures in his foot. It can therefore be assumed that Biden would have to wear a boot-like orthopedic support shoe “for several weeks,” said doctor Kevin O’Connor in a statement made by Biden’s office. This made it possible that Biden would still have to wear the support shoe at his planned inauguration on January 20th.

The “hairline cracks” affected two small foot bones, so-called cuneiform bones (Os cuneiforme), as the doctor further explained. Biden first visited an orthopedic surgeon in Newark in the state of Delaware late on Sunday afternoon (local time). X-rays initially showed no break. The small breaks were then detected during an examination with an MRI scanner.

More than 11,000 new corona infections in Germany

In Germany, more than 11,000 new infections with the coronavirus were recorded within one day. As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced in the morning, citing information from the health authorities, 11,169 new cases of infection were recorded within 24 hours. Since not all health authorities transmit data on the weekend, the number of cases reported by the RKI is usually lower on Sundays and Mondays than on other days of the week.

Biden introduces communication team: Jen Psaki becomes spokeswoman

US President-elect Joe Biden wants to bring Jen Psaki into the White House as a spokeswoman. She was in the administration of the former Democratic President Barack Obama, among other things, communications director of the White House and spokeswoman for the State Department. “Communicating directly and truthfully with the people of America is one of the most important tasks of a president,” said Biden on Sunday (local time).

Since the election, Psaki had led several briefings with journalists for Biden. She was direct, clear and professional. Your deputy in the White House will be Karine Jean-Pierre, who last worked for the elected Vice President Kamala Harris, as Biden’s office said.

The federal government is planning a national health reserve at 19 locations

As a consequence of the Corona crisis, the federal government wants to set up a national health reserve with important material such as protective masks at 19 locations in Germany. Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) told the German Press Agency: “This pandemic teaches us that we have to take more precautions.” The Corona cabinet should deal with the plans on Monday. According to this, the reserve is to be filled primarily with masks that have already been procured by the end of 2021, then with material from domestic production. The needs of the health system and the federal government are to be kept permanently available for one month.

What is important today

These are the most important topics and dates of the day:

Probable verdict in the trial against the lawyer of a fictitious NSU victim

The lawyer is said to have represented a female co-plaintiff in the NSU trial, who in truth did not even exist and who received more than 211,000 euros from the state treasury.

Eurogroup video conference

On the agenda is the major ESM reform project, which is intended to strengthen the euro rescue umbrella and prepare it for the next crisis. Euro group leader Paschal Donohoe is hoping for a final agreement. That would also pave the way for the rapid introduction of the so-called backstop of the SRF bank resolution fund.

Society for German Language announces “Words of the Year 2020”

With this campaign, the GfdS has been choosing words and phrases that have linguistically determined the political, economic and social life of a year in a special way since 1977.

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