The new Oppo A73 with 5G for 300 euros, A15 for 140 euros


With the Oppo A73, which will be released on December 1st, the Chinese manufacturer attacks smartphones like the Samsung A51 directly. For its price of 300 euros (also available as an offer for 250 euros by the end of the year), its 5G capability in conjunction with 128GB storage space is definitely worth mentioning. Also new: the Oppo A15 for 140 euros.

Oppo A73 and A15

Oppo, a third successful Chinese smartphone manufacturer behind Huawei and Xiaomi, has presented two new devices. As reported by Golem, the new Oppo A73 and the also new Oppo A15 will go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1st. The Oppo A73 is a 300 euro cell phone, so you can speak of a mid-range model that has to compete with models like the Samsung A51. The Oppo A15, on the other hand, is a clear entry-level phone, as the price of 140 euros shows. Both smartphones will be officially available in stores from Tuesday, December 1st.

5G and 128GB for 300 euros, Oppo A15 for 140 euros

A special feature of the Oppo A73 is the 5G capability paired with 128GB permanent storage for no more than 300 euros. If you take these 300 euros as the price limit, then not many other models come into question: The Huawei P40 Lite 5G, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite and the other Oppo models Find X2 Lite and Reno 4 Z 5G.

The display measures 6.5 inches (2400×1080 pixels, 90 Hertz). 8GB of RAM are available. A small disadvantage for fans of media data: the 128GB hard drive cannot be expanded. The main camera works with 16 megapixels, which has a 2- and an 8-megapixel camera as a partner. At the time of release, the Oppo 73 will still be delivered with Android 10. It will also be available exclusively from the Expert retail chain for only 250 euros until the end of December. The second new smartphone, the Oppo A15, is of course not particularly spectacular, but it should offer a good performance for its price, as one is used to from manufacturers such as Oppo. The display of the Oppo A15 has a diagonal of 6.2 inches, 3GB RAM and an expandable permanent memory of 32GB. The main camera has 13 megapixels.

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