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War Deals Initiative

Federal submission: People’s initiative “for a ban on the financing of war material producers

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Professional votes

  • The popular initiative “For a ban on the financing of war material producers” failed because of the majority of the people and the cantons.
  • 57.5 percent of all voters said no to the submission of the group for a Switzerland without an army (Gsoa) and the Young Greens.
  • AHV, pension funds, the Swiss National Bank and foundations may continue to invest in companies that make money with war material.

In the end, just four cantons said yes to the war deals initiative. The canton of Basel-Landschaft accepted the initiative most clearly, with 57.9 percent yes-votes. The canton of Jura accepted the bill with 55 percent, the canton of Geneva with 53.1 percent and the canton of Neuchâtel with 52 percent.

The canton of Nidwalden most clearly said no to the war deals initiative. There, the proportion of yes votes was just 24.8 percent. Schwyz (25.8 percent yes-votes), Obwalden (27.4 percent yes-votes) and Uri (28.8 percent yes-votes) clearly rejected the initiative. In the canton of Zurich, 45.7 percent said yes to the war deals initiative and in Bern the percentage of votes was 45.2 percent.

Parmelin: “It wasn’t about morality”

Federal Councilor and Economics Minister Guy Parmelin (SVP) has emphasized that the bill had nothing to do with profit or morality. It was only a matter of not burdening social services and the economy “for a symbolic act”. “I can guarantee that the Federal Council will continue to work for a peaceful world and for sustainable financing,” said Parmelin. However, the means chosen by the Federal Council are different.

The Federal Council will also ensure that the general conditions for the economy do not deteriorate: “Especially in the crisis we should forego additional burdens,” he argued.

Respect for the initiators

The Green National Councilor Fabien Fivaz was disappointed and stated that he knew it would be difficult because the initiative was launched by the Young Greens and the Gsoa. “But it is a very good result,” he said.

For the Gsoa, despite the defeat, it is actually a respectable success. Your initiatives have a hard time at the ballot box. The initiative “For a Switzerland without new fighter planes” was rejected in 1993 with 42.8 percent yes-votes, the initiative “For protection from armed violence” in 2011 with 43 percent yes-votes. All other popular initiatives of the Gsoa were rejected more clearly.

The initiative was supported by the Greens, SP, EPP and around thirty organizations such as Solidarité sans frontiéres, the Swiss Association of Public Service Personnel (VPOD) and

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