The Voice of Germany: Sachse Manuel is fighting for the next round after a bad illness


Manuel Suss is back at The Voice of Germany this evening.

Coswig (Saxony) – Crossing fingers for Manuel Süß (22). The singer from Coswig has his next big appearance on the ProSieben show this Thursday evening (8.15 p.m.)The VoiceIn an interview with, the social assistant reveals what a big step this is in his music career TAG24.

When Manuel Süß (22) sings today, his Saxony coaches Stefanie Kloß and Yvonne Catterfeld keep their fingers crossed. © ProSiebenSAT.1 / Richard Huebner

“I’ve been making music since I was a child, but actually only for myself. Registering for the show was a pretty brave step for me,” says Manuel.

“I had a bad otitis media earlier this year – for several months. I felt so miserable that I just needed a positive boost.”

The show was Manuel’s “cure”. “It turned my life upside down, gave me an incredible amount of energy and a boost. It mobilized many friends to get in touch with me again,” says Manuel gratefully.

“For me, the focus is not on profit. I want to expand my musical reach, establish networks. And above all: I want to develop myself further.”

Manuel’s parents laid the foundation.

“You have always supported me, as has Helmar Federowski.” The brother of the late pop star Ina-Maria Federowski led the elementary school choir in which Manuel sang. “Later I also took individual lessons with Helmar. We became friends, tried a lot musically. Piano, guitar, drums. I recorded songs with Helmar in the studio that I wrote myself,” says Manuel.

But he never published it – and now Manuel is in the TV spotlight …

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