“The Voice”: Which decision causes anger among the audience


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“The Voice of Germany”: Why the audience were upset

Emotional coaches, a “brutally strong team”, an angry audience: those were the second “sing-offs” of “The Voice of Germany”.

The Voice of Germany continues and celebrates its anniversary

A total of six jurors will fight for the best talent in season 10 of TVOG. There are Nico Santos, Yvonne Catterfeld and Stefanie Kloß. some surprises are planned for the anniversary. The starting shot is October 6th.

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There is no getting past Stefanie Kloß and Yvonne Catterfeld’s team: At the “Sing Offs” from
„The Voice of Germany“
the two singers proved that they had chosen numerous musically strong and diverse talents. They were only allowed to choose two to accompany them to the semi-finals. A visibly difficult decision.

One of the biggest surprises was the appearance of Oliver Heinrich. The 38-year-old front man is one of the most booked
Europe and has so far mainly shown its vocal power. His coaches Samu Haber and Rea Garvey had decided against him in the “battles”, the ladies’ duo saved him as a so-called “steal deal”. On Sunday evening he brought a sensitive interpretation of the Demi Lovato song “Warrior” on stage, which was tough. Although it was enough for an entertaining place on the “hot seats”, it was not enough for the semifinals.

“The Voice”: Mark Forster finds team Stefanie and Yvonne “brutally strong”

Because every team has two “hot seats”. In the
„Sing Offs“
the candidates of the teams compete against each other and try to convince their coach to take a seat on one of the two seats. However, the seats can be exchanged again during the broadcast. Whoever sits on the seats at the end is in the semi-finals.

“Allstar” took over from Oliver Henrich
Dimi Rompos
. In 2015 she made it to the semi-finals of “The Voice” in the Stefanie team. After her convincing rap interlude and light-footed, dancing singing, her coaches decided to offer her a “hot seat”. “It’s a brutally strong team,” said Mark Forster. “Once again you have completely different talents, but talent increases from talent to talent and the decision is becoming more and more difficult,” said Nico Santos.

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Singing against stuttering: Rea Garvey touched

But the joy was short-lived: In the end, the places were completely swapped again: Juan Geck and Noah Sam Honegger move into the semi-finals. Juan Geck is also an “all star”. In the seventh season he reached the Sing-Offs in Team Yvonne. “You showed 85 percent. I go to my bed tonight and laugh: Juan will make an explosion in the live shows, ”said Samu Haber. Mark Forster also mocked that he did not give everything. Nevertheless, the two team coaches decided for him.

The second semi-finalist Noah Sam Honegger ensured silence for seconds. “Hi Noah, we were expecting you”, Rea Garvey greeted him very dramatically after his performance of “Hurt”. “Without really trying, you opened all hearts here.” The story of the
, who can speak fluently singing, touched the hearts of the audience. “You and your guitar are your mouthpiece. You are a present for this show ”, Yvonne Catterfeld was also convinced.

That caused anger among “The Voice” viewers

Eight out of eleven talents competed against each other in Team Mark. That caused anger for some viewers: Because immediately before the answer as to whether candidate Maciek Świętosławski would get a “hot seat” or not, moderator Thore Schölermann interrupted the decision and announced that it would be
next week
falls. Or you can just keep watching the broadcasters own streaming service.

“It won’t work that way anymore… that’s how you piss off the regular audience. Too much advertising, unnecessary and rather incomprehensible “cliff hangers”, commented a Twitter user, among others. In addition, TV viewers have to be patient: From this week onwards, the program will only come once a week instead of twice.

“The Voice of Germany” – More about the program

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