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According to the Chancellor, the following currently applies: Any contact that is avoided is a good contact. We stay within our own four walls, even on weekends. Tidying up, mucking out, painting, everything already done? Then here are a few – highly subjective – selected recommendations for adventure travel within your own four walls.


The Lockdown light is an excellent way to unearth old good-mood treasures and enjoy a world before Corona. My recent choice fell on the hipster cult series “Girls” (produced by HBO), which takes place in Manhattan and especially in Brooklyn, at a time (the early 2010s) when hunger artists and other ‘starving artists’ could still afford the rents in today’s extremely hip New York neighborhoods like Bushwick. What’s the matter? About the young writer Hannah (played by feminism icon Lena Dunham) and her search for love, happiness and fun in the big city. All episodes of “Girls” can be seen in German and English on the “Sky Ticket” streaming service. (Tomasz Kurianowicz)

The reflection is terrifying, funny, revealing at the same time. Are we really like that? Do we really have these problems? In short episodes, the comedy series “The paint is off” tells what moves the Middle Ages from forty years upwards. Condensed, but overdrawn with great affection for the figures. It’s about love, sex, death, household, fuss. The series, invented by Kai Wiesinger, is a few years old, but the really bad problems of the successful post-boomer generation are as fresh as ever. “The paint is off”, since 2017 on Amazon Prime. (Tobias Miller)


The ice castle by the Norwegian Tarjei Vesaas is a novel from 1963, but it could be from today. It is a book full of puzzles that casts a spell on you and makes you feel tight. It’s about the friendship between two girls, Siss and Unn, and an alluring structure made of a waterfall frozen into ice. Sentences, hard and sparkling like diamonds, are written in it: “Strands of the waterfall were deflected by the ice and shot along in new beds, forming new shapes. Everything shone. The sun hadn’t come, but everything shone ice-blue and green, and dead cold. ” Tarjei Vesaas: The ice castle. Guggolz Verlag, 199 pages, 22 euros (Susanne Lenz)


There are critics who hate it when young musicians copy the old ones. And then there’s me, who often thinks it’s pretty great. How else would I have that great album again? “Janet” by Janet Jackson discovered with hits like “That’s The Way Love Goes”, “Because of Love” and “If”? If Ariana Grande hadn’t sounded just as wickedly rocking R’n’B and pop on her latest work? Of course, Jackson had more to offer on “Janet”. But first you have to listen again. So the record now runs in a continuous loop. Janet Jackson: „Janet“ (Virgin Records) (Nadja Dilger)

What brings people musically through the winter? Ah yes, exactly, Phoebe Bridgers of course! The musician from the sunny US state of California has a warm, soft, bristle voice that is reinventing indie rock in the USA. Born in 1994, you can tell that she comes from the jazz direction. The album “Punisher” in particular (released in summer 2020) is full of surprising connections and melancholy associations that confidently push into the lyrical. It’s about porous relationships, love and death. The big topics, packed sensitively and hopefully. Phoebe Bridgers: “Punisher” (Dead Oceans) (Tomasz Kurianowicz)

Most of the records on my shelf came out between the 1940s and 1960s, when there was still pretty fast pop music for my taste. Even the hits were great. I can hear chanson singer France Gall in an endless loop. On “En Allemand – Das Beste In Deutsch” there are their French classics to sing along in German. The hit: “The number 3 computer”. Gall speculated about the possibilities of online dating as early as 1968. Turned up loud, you can also dance well alone at home. France Gall: “En Allemand – The Best In German”. (Telefunken) (Maxi Beigang)


It’s been 20 years since that The Sims has been published. A simulation game in which you can play yourself or someone else. You live, eat, work – decorate your simulated home or go dancing. This created such a hype (best-selling game!) That it was constantly being developed. The Sims are now in their fourth generation. So if you can’t find a new apartment in Berlin, can’t go dancing or want to flee to a corona-free world, you will find your digital salvation here. With some cheats you can even earn more money or lose it without effort. But be careful: not everything turns out well … The Sims 4 is available for PC, console and Mac. The basic game costs between 10 and 20 euros, depending on the platform. (Nadja Dilger)


The weekly review “Die Podcastin” was a healing discovery for me – finally, current topics are regularly examined in a feminist way. The journalist Isabel Rohner and political scientist Regula Stämpfli talk about politics, culture and science, discuss lively through feminist glasses and thus sharpen the view of the unequal power relations between men and women. They make it so humorous that you keep tuning in. A refreshing podcast where you learn something new every week. Sometimes only the blazing anger is rekindled because of the recurring injustices, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. “Die Podcastin”, on all known platforms. (Maxi Beigang)

There would be many reasons for that New Yorker Radio Hour to recommend: the topics alone! You can follow an entire episode of what Richard Wagner has to do with film history, from “The Birth of a Nation” to its contemporary counterpart, “Black Panther”. You can listen to a style columnist describe a perfume that tries to imitate the smell of the French Revolution (blood, sweat, gunpowder …?!). The best, yes, most indispensable part of this podcast is the balm-like voice of its presenter David Remnick. You don’t know how, but somehow he even manages to talk about an impending coup d’état by the incumbent US President Trump in such a way that you have the feeling that someone is rubbing a pain-relieving chamomile ointment over your temples. Thanks, David! “The New Yorker Radio Hour”, on all known platforms. (Hanno Hauenstein)

Do it Yourself

“Photograph people who are close to you” – this is the motto of perhaps the most famous photographer of our time, Annie Leibovitz. The underlying thought: intimacy is carried over to the picture. Therefore, even an amateur photographer can sometimes create more moving impressions when taking pictures of people (or things) close to him than a trained photographer. At the beginning of the year, I got myself an analog medium format camera. Since then, I’ve been using it to regularly record my apartment, my dog ​​and my surroundings. The great thing about it, apart from the fact that you can later look back on high-quality images from this strange time: The photographic gaze overlaps regular vision like second nature. In short: it makes the world more exciting! And: The way into the darkroom is a wonderful excuse to leave the house every now and then. (Hanno Hauenstein)

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