“… then we would have withdrawn from the race!”


(Motorsport-Total.com) – The fact that the drivers had to watch Romain Grosjean’s accident in a continuous loop during the break bothered many of the drivers on Sunday. They didn’t necessarily want to see the accident again if they had to get back into the car themselves shortly.

It wasn’t easy for the drivers to get back into focus Zoom

Sebastian Vettel admits that at such a moment, doubts arise as to whether you should get back in the car. “Definitely for me,” he admits. “You are human. We love what we do and that comes first, but even if you respect it, you probably underestimate what can happen,” said the German.

“I don’t think anyone expected an accident like this. It was a bit strange, but I guess in the end it was best to get back in the car right away and not wait another week and think about it too long “says Vettel.

Despair in Charles Leclerc

Teammate Charles Leclerc agrees with Vettel’s words. The Monegasse especially had to nibble because he had seen the accident up close in the rearview mirror. On the radio he asked several times whether everything was okay, and when after a while he still got no answer, he threw both hands over his head in desperation while driving.

“It’s always difficult to get back in the car after something like this, but it’s the best we can do,” said the Ferrari driver. “We need our full concentration on the track, and everyone has fully focused on the race and their job. Nevertheless, it was difficult to get back into focus.”

Max Verstappen meanwhile has a different view. He announced in the press conference that he would fire a driver immediately if he did not want to drive again after such an accident. “Fortunately, you’re not my team boss,” said Lewis Hamilton.

Wolff: Withdrawal from the race is an option

His team boss is Toto Wolff, and the Austrian himself does not generally rule out a retirement from the race. At Mercedes they sat down briefly after the Grosjean accident, but saw that the Frenchman was able to get out of the car.

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“If he – God forbid – had been hurt worse, then we would probably have withdrawn from the race that day,” says Wolff. “Health and life are more important than a racing or sports event.”

According to him, it takes a lot of courage for the drivers to get back into the car: “We often forget that it is a dangerous sport and that these guys drive around the track at more than 350 km / h,” said Wolff.

Wolff: Cameras don’t really show speed

“Today’s modern cameras and wide angles do not really show the speeds, but you can see what is happening. It was always dangerous, even with today’s security structures,” he continues and wants to increase security even further.

“It was difficult for anyone who saw the pictures. When we saw Romain get out of the car and he looked relatively unharmed, it was an immense relief. He still has burns, which is bad enough, but it should have can walk terribly worse. “

The fact that Grosjean got off so lightly is also thanks to constant safety efforts, although Formula 1 is considered to be quite safe. The introduction of the Halo was heavily criticized at the time – including by Grosjean – but on Sunday the system probably saved his life.

Wurz: There will always be prophecies of doom

“The prophecies of doom that I heard two years ago that it is already so certain, we will hear them again and again. But we are always taught better,” says ex-pilot Alexander Wurz, who is responsible for the topic Security starts in the ‘ORF’.

“Formula 1 has improved dramatically since the 1970s, although we have become faster and faster in terms of performance. That speaks for the safety system, but it does not mean that you can rest and that you must not rest under any circumstances,” said the Austrian. “We are relatively far with the safety of the cars, but we still have to keep working.”

Grosjean crash: the fire wasn’t the problem at all …

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“That a driver gets out of the car in such an accident. Unbelievable,” said Wurz, who was reminded of the accident that Elio de Angelis had in Le Castellet. “There he drove into the guardrail, the guardrail opened and he had a fatal accident.”

“But the cars have improved so dramatically. And you have to say that all the safety precautions that such a monocoque goes through, from the front impact protection, including the halo – everything saved lives here,” said Wurz.

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