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The advantages granted to Prime customers include free premium shipping and the Amazon Prime Music music offering, which can be used at no additional cost, as well as the film and series flat rate Amazon Prime Video. So you can also access a variety of moving image offers.

The inside digital editorial team summarizes the latest developments relating to the video-on-demand offer from Amazon Prime Video and shows you which new starts you can look forward to in the coming weeks. In doing so, we not only take into account series, but also films that are new to Prime Video’s offering. But before we get into the movie reboots, let’s first take a look at the brand new series.

New series on Amazon Prime Video

El Cid

Various series restarts are waiting for you on Amazon in December. One of the highlights from December 18th: the premiere of the first season of “El Cid”. It tells the story of Rodrigo Diaz, also known as “Ruy”, the man behind a Spanish legend. The Amazon Original Series shows his rise – from little boy to war hero and from squire to king. In doing so, Rodrigo tries to find his place in the complex Spanish monarchy that tries to control him. “El Cid” gives Prime members insights into the various religious communities that lived side by side in Spain at the time, including Christians, Arabs and Jews, and shows how Ruy managed to arouse the admiration of everyone.

The Wilds

“The Wilds” will also celebrate a series premiere in Germany from December 11th. And at first glance, some of it is reminiscent of “Lost”: A group of young women with teenage ages with different backgrounds are stranded on a desert island after a plane crash. The point here is to fight for survival. The missing learn more and more about each other, about the secrets they keep and about the traumas they have been through. The shared experiences sometimes bring the young women closer together, but fronts are also formed between them. It soon turns out – the girls did not land on this island by accident. Sounds exciting? The following trailer makes you want more.

The Expanse

Are you more of a fan of science fiction adventures? Then you can look forward to the fifth season of the Amazon original “The Expanse” from December 16. It begins with multitudes of people leaving the solar system in search of a new home and huge treasures on the earth-like worlds beyond the ring. The centuries of exploitation of the asteroid belt demands a high price and now the bill is due. The crew of the Rocinante and the leaders of the Inner Planets and the Belt are catching up with the past and they must face personal challenges that have far-reaching implications for the entire solar system.


The Amazon original “Bild.Macht.Deutschland?” There are insights into Germany’s largest and probably most polarizing media brand. For the first time ever, an independent production team was given comprehensive access to the universe of the daily newspaper and its editorial team. The daily editorial work of the team that runs the daily newspaper and one of the German websites with the highest reach ( is shown. To see from December 18th.

Binge Reloaded

It will be much more fun from December 4th on “Binge Reloaded”. The new parody and comedy show presents itself in the age of streaming services in a contemporary guise. The protagonists slip into the roles of different personalities in real-time media. In short, sketch-like clips, a cross-section of a “fictional” TV evening takes place with recourse to elements of well-known streaming or TV moments and characters. Michael Kessler and Martin Klempnow are among others. A certain similarity to the former ProSieben format “Switch” cannot be ignored.

Further series restarts

Is all this not enough for you? Then you can look forward to many more reboots from the series cosmos that Amazon Prime Video has bought in licensed titles. For example the third season of “4 Blocks” (be sure to watch the first two seasons too!), The first half of the tenth season of “The Walking Dead” or the 18th season of “Family Guy”.

title Season retrievable from
Motherland: Fort Salem 1 20. November
The Pack (OV/OmU) 1 20. November
Family Guy 18 December 1
Hawaii Five-0 10 December 1
S.W.A.T. 2 December 1
The Good Doctor 2 December 1
The Walking Dead 10.1 December 1
Binge Reloaded 1 December 4th
The Wilds 1 11th December
4 Blocks 3 12th of December
The Expanse 5 December 16
BILD.Power.Germany? 1 December 18th
El Cid 1 December 18th
American Gods 3 January 11, 2021
Lord of the rings 1 2021
A League of Their Own 1 still unknown
Bosch 7 still unknown
Goliath 4 still unknown
Lord of the rings 2 still unknown
Hunters 2 still unknown
I know what you did last summer 1 still unknown
Star Trek: Picard 2 still unknown
Paper Girls 1 still unknown
The Boys 3 still unknown
The Peripheral 1 still unknown
Things I Know to be True 1 still unknown
Upload 2 still unknown
We children from Bahnhof Zoo 1 still unknown

This table does not claim to be complete. It is intended to provide an overview of which series highlights can be seen currently and in the near future on Amazon Prime Video.

New films on Amazon Prime Video

The range of new films is even more extensive in December to coincide with Christmas. Prime Video has a new blockbuster from Hollywood ready for you (almost) every day. Highlights are not only a handful of new in-house productions (Amazon Original), but also various purchased licensed titles such as the visually stunning fantasy story of “Pinocchio”, the “Die Hard” series or the award-winning drama “Life of Pi: Shipwreck with Tiger” .

One of the many film highlights in December on Prime Video: “Pinocchio”.
title Available from Remarks
Every second counts – The Guardian 23. November
City of Abduction – The kidnapping of Camila Couto 24. November
Deepwater Horizon 24. November
Friendsgiving 25. November Amazon Original Film
Uncle Frank 25. November Amazon Original Film
We 25. November
Why Him? 27. November
Independence Day 28. November
Independence Day: return 28. November
The devil Wears Prada 29. November
25 km / h 30. November
Pathfinder – track of the warrior 30. November
Welcome to Marwen December 1
Bridge Of Spies – The Negotiator December 5th
Bridget Jones – On the verge of madness December 5th
Indeed … love December 5th
Turkish for Beginners December 5th
Deadpool December 7th
I, Robot December 8th
Mechanic: Resurrection December 8th
I’m Your Woman 11th December Amazon Original Film
Blue Story Gangs of London 13th December
Ted December 14th
Body Cam – Invisible horror December 17th
Die Hard December 17th
Die Hard 2 December 17th
Die hard – now more than ever! December 17th
Die Hard 4.0 December 17th
Die Hard – A Good Day to Die for December 17th
Pinocchio December 18th
The Grand Tour presents: A Massive Hunt December 18th Amazon Original Film
Life Of Pi: Shipwreck with Tiger 19. December
The Descendants – family and other affairs 20th of December
We Summon The Darkness 21st December
The A-Team – The FIlm December 22
The Gentlemen December 24th
ET – the extraterrestrial 25 December
Sylvie‘s Love 25 December Amazon Original Film
Always trouble with grandpa December 28th
Titanic December 28th
Yearly Departed 30th of December Amazon Original Film
Fighting With My Family December 31

An overview of all currently available film titles can be viewed on the Amazon Prime Video homepage or via the associated apps.

What does Amazon Prime cost?

To be able to use Amazon Prime Video, a Prime subscription from Amazon is required. New customers have the option of using Amazon Prime free of charge for 30 days. Thereafter, the service costs 7.99 euros per month. Alternatively, there is also the option of opting for an annual subscription. This currently costs 69 euros in Germany and Austria, or 5.75 euros per month. Students have the opportunity to use Amazon Prime Student for one year free of charge and then receive a 50 percent discount on Prime membership. You can use Amazon with an annual subscription for 34 euros.

Various extras are available free of charge for Prime customers. These include the following services:

Prime Video

Unlimited streaming of thousands of films and series episodes including download function for offline use.

Prime Music

Over 2 million songs and the Bundesliga live – without advertising. It is important to note that many of the latest songs are initially not available via Prime Music. A Music Unlimited subscription is required for this.

Prime Minister Photos

Unlimited storage for photos on Amazon Drive. Gone are the days when you had to worry about the limited storage space on your own smartphone.

Prime Reading

A limited e-book flat rate is also part of the subscription. Hundreds of e-books, e-magazines, comics, and Kindle singles are available to Prime customers at no extra charge. Ideal for the next vacation or for a longer train or plane trip. But the same applies here: The selection of e-books is limited.

Free premium shipping

Millions of items are sent faster for Prime members than for Standard customers. In addition, a free same-day delivery service is available in 20 metropolitan regions – ordered today, a few hours later the parcel service with the desired goods is on the doorstep.

Premium access to lightning deals

Every day Amazon offers its customers thousands of special offers. Prime customers can access these same offers with bargain potential 30 minutes earlier.

Amazon Family

Up to 20 percent discount on diapers and baby food in the saver subscription as well as exclusive discounts and promotions.

By the way: If you are interested in new series on Netflix or the latest series on Sky, we have the right overviews for you. And we will also keep you up to date on the reboots at Disney + every month.

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