“Think outside the box” calls for a large demonstration in Frankfurt


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The initiative “lateral thinking 69” wants to take to the streets again in Frankfurt. The group served anti-Semitic resentment with its anti-banking rhetoric, according to critics.

  • The “Lateral thinker“Movement in Frankfurt stands out, among other things, with their rhetoric against banks and financial markets.
  • Critics point to “anti-Semitic traits” in the “Lateral thinker“Movement out.
  • Thinking outside the box 69“Calls again for Saturday, December 12th Big demo in Frankfurt on.

Frankfurt – The initiative “Thinking outside the box 69” Not. She wants to organize a “nationwide large demo” in two weeks, with rallies “in all large public places” Frankfurts and a protest march around the city center. Up to 40,000 participants are expected, the group informed the Frankfurt regulatory office. A proud estimate: ten days ago “Thinking outside the box 69“Just brought a few hundred people onto the streets.

However, the initiative that is against the containment measures Coronavirus-Pandemic, one thing is certain: “All of Germany” will be in on Saturday, December 12th Frankfurt gather. People are already busy mobilizing for the protest on the Internet.

“Think outside the box” are planning a demo on December 12th in Frankfurt

A spokesman for the regulatory office in Frankfurt confirmed the Frankfurter Rundschau that the city had a corresponding registration. What will happen on December 12th has not yet been decided. In particular, it was not clear how many participants would come and whether the desired places were also free, said the spokesman. “Whether this can all go as they imagine is far from certain.”

The Frankfurt police use water cannons against opponents: inside of “lateral thinking 69”.

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Thinking outside the box 69“Was last on November 14th in Frankfurt against the Corona rules demonstrated. Hundreds of counter-demonstrators stood in the way of the group. The demonstration of the “Lateral thinker“Had been delayed by sit-ins that police had used water cannons against both sides, against the counter-demonstrator: batons inside.

“Think outside the box” in Frankfurt: mobilization against banks and financial markets

It is noticeable with which terms the planned Demonstration is advertised. “Thinking outside the box 69” designated Frankfurt on a leaflet as the “financial capital” and speaks of the “resistance at the center of power”. The group apparently relies on negative attitudes towards banks and financial markets in order to promote the nationwide “Lateral thinker“Scene to mobilize.

Bodo Schiffmann, a head of the movement originally from Stuttgart, had already attended a smaller rally on Paulsplatz in Frankfurt said that Corona-Pandemie was not created in Wuhan, China, but “in these skyscrapers that run through this city”. In truth, it goes with the pandemic namely not about a dangerous disease, but about “a crisis of high finance”. It should be diverted from “speculation” and attempts to rearrange the “world economic monetary systems”, said Schiffmann.

“Think outside the box” in Frankfurt: “Hate, agitation and anti-Semitism”

Meron Mendel, director of the Anne Frank educational facility, said the FR, “Lateral thinking“With such rhetoric, I use codes that historically have been part of the repertoire of anti-Semitism belonged. If you consider that on “Lateral thinking“Demonstrations nationwide, the Holocaust is relativized by activists comparing themselves with Anne Frank or Sophie Scholl, for example, one comes to the conclusion that the movement is” clear anti-semitic Trains ”, says Mendel.

Frankfurt’s city treasurer Uwe Becker (CDU), who is also the Hessian anti-Semitism commissioner, announced that “Lateral thinking“Movement spread anti-democracy as well as” hatred, agitation and anti-Semitism“. If it is claimed that pandemic come from the Frankfurt bank towers, that means “nothing other than old ones, too anti-semitic Stereotypes of the world conspiracy in a new facade, ”said Becker. (Hanning Voigts)

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