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Full pot service daily. This is what the magazine, which starts Monday to Friday morning at 9:05 a.m. and broadcasts live from Düsseldorf on ZDF until 10.30 a.m., is committed to this. In the meantime, the format, which has been around for over 20 years, is a real long-runner in the ZDF landscape.

Next broadcast: Wednesday, November 25, 2020, from 9:05 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

>> Ingo Nommsen stops at “Volle Kanne” after 20 years <<

This is the guest on Wednesday at “Volle Kanne”: Ina Müller

On Wednesday, singer and presenter Ina Müller will take a seat at the breakfast table at “Volle Kanne”. The 55-year-old is known to a broader TV audience primarily through her program “Inas Nacht”, which she has hosted since 2007. There she chats in the pub “Zum Schellfischposten” with two to three guests at the bar on every program. But Müller has also made a name for herself as a singer. Her new album “55” was recently released.

Ina Müller
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That was the guest on Tuesday at “Volle Kanne”: Ingo Knollmann

After an actress is a guest in Birge Schade on Monday, the rest of the week is all about music. Ingo Knollmann starts on Tuesday, so it starts with rock. Knollmann is the front man of the “Donots”, based on the band name, his artist name is also “Ingo Donot”. The band was founded in 1994 when Knollmann was still a teenager. In the history of the band they have succeeded in five top 20 albums, the last album so far, “Lauter als Bomben”, was released in 2018 and landed at number four.


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The guest on Monday at “Volle Kanne”: Birge Schade

At the beginning of the week, Birge Schade is a guest at “Volle Kanne”. The actress appeared in 1988 as “Fanny” in “Herbstmilch”, and made her breakthrough with the two-parter “Die Wüstenrose”, in which she played the leading role as doctor Klara. Since then she has starred in dramas, crime novels and comedies. Her latest project – “Under Different Circumstances – Lies and Secrets” will be shown on Monday evening at 8:15 pm as TV film of the week on ZDF.

The guests of the week at “Volle Kanne” at a glance:

Monday (November 23): Birge Schade (actress), Tuesday (November 24): Ingo Knollmann (singer and front man of the band “Donots”), Wednesday (November 25): Ina Müller (singer and presenter), Thursday ( November 26th): Thomas Godoj (singer and musician), Friday (November 27th): Gentleman (musician)

“Volle Kanne” on TV, stream and in the media library

The service magazine usually runs Monday to Friday from 9:05 am to 10:30 am on “ZDF” on free TV, but it can also be streamed live on the Internet. A repetition of the breakfast magazine will not be broadcast on television, but past episodes can still be viewed in the ZDF media library for up to a month after being broadcast.

“Volle Kanne” since 1999 – an overview of all sections of the service magazine

The breakfast magazine is particularly popular because of its diverse and interesting sections: In addition to health tips from Günter Gerhardt and recipe ideas and cooking instructions from Armin Roßmeier, (top) topics in the areas of law, family, work, finances and health are covered again and again. Do-it-yourselfers and professionals can be inspired by Elmar Mais’s gardening and living ideas.

Also popular is the “Oh, so!” Section, which brings together the most important topics for consumers every Friday. The related category “Oh, what ?!”, on the other hand, deals with the latest stories or rumors about celebrities from all over the world on a daily basis. Society expert Patricia von der Heyde scrutinizes particularly explosive gossip and gossip topics.

Since 2006 Florian Weiss can be seen again and again on “Volle Kanne” as the so-called “know-it-all”. Here he inspires the audience with all sorts of everyday curiosities, explanations of the origin of various proverbs and also of physical phenomena. In addition, all guessing enthusiasts can even become active themselves, because small games and questions are repeatedly asked to the viewers, which have to be solved and answered.

But the “Volle Kanne” viewers can also get active with the celebrity “breakfast guest” by asking the invited celebrity questions about himself, his job or other exciting topics.

These are the “Volle Kanne” moderators

Nadine Kruger

Nadine Krüger has moderated the breakfast magazine “Volle Kanne” since 2009. However, this format was by no means new for her in 2009, as the presenter was in front of the camera in 2007 for SAT1 “Breakfast TV”. Nadine Krüger also tried her hand at roles in various television series as an actress.

Ingo Nommsen

He is the veteran of the service magazine: The qualified journalist looks back on many years in radio, film and television. With his balanced manner, he always manages the balancing act between sociable conversation and more serious topics with “Volle Kanne”. Since October 2000 he has not only moderated the breakfast magazine, but has also been guest moderators on various ZDF formats such as the “New Year’s Eve Countdown”, “25 years of Wetten, dass … ?!”, “Ways to happiness” or the ” hello germany annual review “.

For Eva Mühlenbäumer it was clear early on: she wanted to be on television. Above all to ask questions and illustrate different ways and ways of life. After many posts on “Hallo Deutschland”, “Sundays” or the “heute-show”, she joined the “Volle Kanne” team in 2012. She has also been standing in front of the camera at “WISO” since 2018.

Carsten Rüger

Carsten Rüger has already seen a lot of the world: After his traineeship, he reported from various corners, including Haiti, Italy and Heiligendamm. His job is still characterized by versatility today: the 49-year-old not only moderates “Volle Kanne”, but also the “heute” news, which is also broadcast every morning. His intercultural experience and journalistic knowledge always help to create exciting and varied conversations during the morning “Volle Kanne” conversations.

Here you can get information about the current episodes of other talk shows:

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