This is behind Barby Kelly’s sudden Instagram debut


What was the reason that Barby Kelly (45) surprisingly reported back on the network? Since 2000, the former member of the successful Kelly Family withdrew from the public. The reason: The musician suffers from a mental disorder and is concentrating on her recovery with strong medication. After a long radio silence, an Instagram profile of the singer appeared, looked after by her brother Joey Kelly (47). But why returned Barby back to social media at all?

As image reported, should Barby not planning their network comeback. “The account does not change anything Barbys Situation. It is and remains as it is “her brother explained Joey. With the newly created profile, the musician only wants to make the platform Barbys Account verified. Thus, the fake accounts that have arisen over the years could finally be reported and deleted.

But even if Barbys Fans are now supplied with snapshots, at least online, a return as a singer is currently unthinkable. The planned tour in 2022 will also be without Barby occur. However, she could be heard on the group’s upcoming album.

Joey Kelly in October 2020
Joey Kelly, extreme athlete

Instagram / thekellyfamilyofficial

Die Kelly Family, November 2019

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