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This is how young people celebrate in Cologne & Hamburg


30. November 2020 – 10:43 Clock

Very few people wear masks in downtown Cologne and Hamburg

The hustle and bustle of downtown Cologne and Hamburg. Despite the corona measures, you mainly see young people here who romp around in groups and do not keep a safe distance. Very few people wear masks either. When asked, many react aggressively – there are supposedly five people living in one household.

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Belgian quarter in Cologne: no distance, no mask

One of our reporter teams took a look around the Belgian Quarter in Cologne on Saturday evening. Mostly it saw people without masks, who consumed mulled wine or other drinks together: without distance and without masks. Many react aggressively when our reporter confronts them. Some even admit that their behavior is inappropriate. “You’re right, that’s not okay,” says one. Then he puts on his mask, but he still doesn’t keep his distance.

At some point a young woman will be ready to speak to our team. She doesn’t wear a mask either. “We are two households, I never feel guilty,” she says. You have a mask with you. “I know my girls here tested negative, even yesterday.”

Corona rules are also often ignored in downtown Hamburg

An RTL team was also out and about in Hamburg. There the people showed themselves to be more insightful. Three young men without masks were drinking beer in the street. They are surprised about the mask requirement in the city center: “No, we don’t know anything about that, but now that you say that, we will of course put on the masks.”

But even in Hamburg, many drinkers prefer not to be filmed and do not want to comment on their handling of the Corona rules. When they do say something, it is usually: “We come from a household.”

Many people infected with corona? Here you can read what it looks like in your region.

These relaxations will apply from December 23rd

First tighten the reins so that you can loosen them up a little over Christmas – that’s the federal and state corona course for the coming weeks. Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers held a seven-hour video conference on Thursday to discuss the new course.

To contain the corona pandemic, private get-togethers with friends, relatives and acquaintances should be more strictly limited: to your own household and to another household, but in any case to a maximum of five people. Children up to 14 years of age should be exempt from this.

From December 23rd, meetings “with close family or friends” should be possible, up to a maximum of ten people. Associated children up to 14 years of age should be exempt from this.

Virologist warns of easing in the Corona winter

In an interview with RTL, virologists warned of lockdown loosening at Christmas. You can see more about this in the video above.

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