This week it will be wintry in Austria


Just in time for Advent, we can expect copious snowfall even in the lowlands, the forecasts of the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) and the Severe Weather Center (UWZ) agree. Monday starts out sunny at first.

AUSTRIA. At the beginning of the week there are still dense cloud fields in Lower Austria and Vienna as well as in Northern Burgenland in the morning. A few raindrops or snowflakes can fall, especially in the Weinviertel, the snow line is at locations around 300 meters. Later, the sun sometimes joins in too. Otherwise the sun shines most of the time in Austria. Daily maximum temperatures of one to six degrees.

First snowfall

Pulling on from the west Tuesday dense cloud fields over Austria and rain and snowfall spread. Below 600 m, rain mixes in temporarily. The snow line is between 400 and 700 meters above sea level. In the south and in the east of the mountains, apart from local fog fields, the sun sometimes shines. Hardly any snow falls there. Attention: After morning frost, especially in western Alpine valleys, there is a temporary risk of ice build-up due to freezing rain. With -2 to +4 degrees it remains quite cold.

The starts in the west and on the north side of the Alps Wednesday with residual clouds, at times it can snow a little. The precipitation decreases temporarily and shifts to the south side of the Alps in the afternoon. With a snowfall limit of between 500 and 800m, freezing rain can occur in the cold air lakes of many valley locations. In the south, on the other hand, the clouds are increasingly condensing and, according to the current situation, snowfall sets in in the far south towards evening. In the night on Thursday it spreads northwards slowly, so while it can snow lightly in the morning between Innsbruck and Mariazell, it starts to snow more heavily in the late afternoon and evening in East Tyrol, Carinthia and in the southwest of Styria. Daily maximum temperatures of minus one to plus four degrees.

It will snow into the lowlands.

Am Thursday Then it gets really wintry with abundant snowfall in Carinthia, Styria and southern Burgenland. It can snow a little in most of Austria. The snowfall line is often at low altitudes, but in the western part of the Alps it is sometimes around 700 meters. It remains largely free of precipitation only in the extreme west and partly in the north. Here the sun shows up a little. Early temperatures minus 6 to minus 1 degrees, daily maximum temperatures minus 2 to plus 3 degrees.

When it gets cold outside ...

We get sunshine friday seen in much of the country. Clouds will only cloud the sunny impression on the south side of the Alps, in the southwest. It also starts to snow and rain here during the day. The snow line is around 800 meters. Daily maximum temperatures from zero to five degrees.

Weather warnings by ZAMG

ZAMG weather warnings

Defense Minister Tanner has Corona

“Will continue to live with massive restrictions”

... how beautiful winter can be ... wintry prospects are ahead of us.
It starts with the snow in the course of Friday evening: the snowfall line drops in the west to below 1500 meters above sea level.

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